Wednesday, October 29, 2014

All That Glitters Website and Info Changes for November 2014!

Here are the changes to look for on the All That Glitters Website for November 2014!:

The good news this month is that after working 3-4 months on updating the All That Glitters website, the update/changes are currently live.  Read more below.

This Month's Special:  3 Pinkish to Red Zircons                                                                            
Three nice pinkish to red Zircons - Save 20%

This Month's Gem News:  Identifying Lab Grown Diamond
Learn more about Lab Grown Diamonds - a GIA Article.

Newly Faceted or Photographed Gemstones:
We missed a 1.69ct oval Tsavorite that we photographed years ago and it never appeared on our Photos page - view it now!
A Matched Pair of Ruby Ovals, Unheated and at a special price….
A Purple Triangular Mozambique Tourmaline and as well as a Smoky Orangy Mozambique Tourmaline and a Blue Mozambique Tourmaline are now available.
A unique Terminated Amethyst Crystal with a large spherical grouping of Smoky Quartz Crystals is available - unique and two very important mineral dealers have never seen anything like it!
A really nice Tourmaline Crystal Specimen from Mount Mica, Maine is available.
Yellow Beryl Crystals, for a collection or setting into pendants, are available.  One includes a face that has been polished to show the wonderful etching that is available on the back.

Gemstones in Cutting:
We will have some more Opal available possibly by the end of the year - our cutter is working on a large numer of pieces.  We will photograph and post as they become available.  Prices of this material continue to climb and will continue to do so.  The time to purchase is now.  We might be faceting a few gemstones in crystal clear quartz with a rutile needle for special optical effects.  There will also be a cabbed Oregon Sunstone with Schiller!

All That Glitters - New Website is here….!
After being updated in late 2005/early 2006, it was time to update our website again as it appeared 'dated'.  We believe that the new look/design will allow very easy navigation to all of our Photos pages.  The update is now live and available, so when you visit, you will see our new pages, of which there are about 180 pages.  Please feel free to tell us whether there are missing photos, broken links, what you like and even more important, what you don't like and we will attempt to correct the issue.
You can visit us via the following links: