Sunday, April 29, 2012

All That Glitters Website and Info Changes for May 2012!

Continuing to promote the ATG Challenge:  Take the  
All That Glitters Challenge and Save 50% or Much More - GUARANTEED!!   (Link was broken in last months email, but the page was available from our Main Page)

This Months Special:    Large Fine 4.17ct Ethiopian Opal!
This is one gemstone where the purchaser should take the All That Glitters Challenge and see the Savings!  We would like to promote Ethiopian Opal to our customers before prices go up too much...

This Months Gem News:  Large Pink Diamond Found at Argyle Mine in Australia
A massive rough pink diamond has been unearthed in Rio Tinto's Argyle diamond mine in Western Australia, CNN reports....Read More at the above link.

Newly Faceted or Photographed Gemstones: 
A recently worked matched pair of very fine Lapis Lazuli pieces have come back from
the cutters - rough was purchased in Thailand back in 2007!  (Note these are in transit and photos will be posted
as soon as they arrive)
This same cutter has also finished some California material sent to him about 7 months ago.  It includes Red and Yellow Agate - found in Yuba County, California.
New items from last month include the following:
Two Pink Tourmalines from the Famous Stewart Mine in California have faceted as well as a large round Orange Tourmaline from Africa, all faceted by one of our U.S. Cutters.  A unique and wonderful large 78+ct Ocean Jasper from Madagascar is now available.  We haven't seen anything quite like this. 
A large 1339+ct 9"x5" Slab of Nicely Colored/Patterned Spider Web Agate from Arizona is now in inventory!
A few items have been reposted on our New Page after having obtained an accurate weight of the Burmese Jade Lizard Carving (1563cts and currently selling at only $1/ct!), and we have added Giclee Museum Quality UV Protected Stretched Canvas Prints for some mineral specimens.  Learn more about these high quality prints and see the natural beauty of these specimens when one gets up close and personal!  (Giclees may be purchased separately, but most of the natural minerals that were photographed for these prints are still available for purchase and each comes with one Giclee Canvas included in the price of the mineral!)

New Pages!  (Also noted in Aprils Monthly Email)
Take the All That Glitters Challenge
Our Certified Diamonds page has been missing from our Photo Gallery and has been added back in!
Purchase Museum Quality Giclee UV Protected Stretched Canvas Prints of some of All That Glitters beautiful
naturally occurring items on the following page:
 All That Glitters arrrives back in NE Headquarters:
We have transitioned back to our East Coast Headquarters.  Essentially all of our inventory is available with a few exceptions, as some items are back on the West Coast.