Wednesday, April 28, 2010

All That Glitters Website and Info Changes for May 2010

All That Glitters returns to East Coast Main Office - Up and Running Again...

Latest All That Glitters Website News for May 2010 includes the following:

Monthly Special: Faberge Jade Diamond Gold/Silver Enamel Letter Opener

Monthly News: Cartier Exhibit - Legion of Honor - San Francisco

Newly Photographed: Australian Gold Nuggets

Other: Due to not being able to find high quality Purple Garnet, as well as the Yellow Beryl Cat's Eyes, prices have increased. Lower end material is currently selling in the vicinity of what we asked for our Cherry Picked inventory of these gems. These were initially displayed/offered upon purchase for a quick sale and in keeping with our IPO policy, prices had to increase. It is unlikely that more of the high grade will be seen, so prices of the rare fine examples will continue to be above the typical commercial quality prices. We will continue to offer them at prices we still feel are a good buy due to their size, color, clarity and rarity.

Need a Scale that does EVERYTHING?:
Personally, I think that every household should have one of these. It weighs in grams, ounces, troy ounces, pennyweight, grains and a few other units - AND it counts too! It fits in ones shirt pocket with room to spare - $30 including postage. Visit our Newly Photographed page and scroll down until you see the scale - maximum in grams is 300, with an accuracy of 0.01 grams! Needless to say, this is not money maker, but our customers, both on line and stores, have been grateful for such a small unit that does everything and at a give-a-way price. Those in the business have been ordering a few dozen at a time. Makes great gifts to customers, family members, etc. Everyone can find a use for one!

Blue and Pink Flash in Amethyst

One of my person favorite shows on tv is Antiques Roadshow on Public Broadcasting. I know professionally or personally a number of the people who do the appraising in jewelry and art. I was watching it the other day and there was a group of Amethyst jewelry, some of which had blue flashes. They indicated that this material came from Siberia and was only found in that part of the world, so when you see Amethyst with this color flash, it came from Siberia and was typically quite old (to quickly summarize what was said).

My understanding over the past 30 years is that Siberian Amethyst had a pink flash. The blue flash I have seen in the fine Pau D'Arco Amethyst we purchased in Brasil, and have seen it in Uraguian that we have purchased, as well as in a few gems from Georgia and Maine. The blue flash is not too common, but is a nice color which appears in some saturated Amethyst. It is not seen in all Amethyst but adds a nice glow to the gemstone. The term Siberian is outdated, as the pink flash, like the blue flash, can apparently be found in different deposits throughout the world and not just from what may have been the original deposit that gave a particular feature its name.

The mis-understanding about naming and location, even among Gemologists, is due to the fact that most Gemologists do not purchase rough and see similar types of gemstones being unearthed around the world. One is dependent on items brought in or seen. When one sees thousands of gemstones per year, one increases their knowledge rapidly and sees many gems that the public or even the trade may never see. There are many gemstones that we encounter and have in stock that most Gemologists could not sight ID or even guess what they are within 3 guesses because the material is unusual in size, color, clarity or just simple rarity. Even our finely saturated Aquamarine has stumped Gemologists in the past. Many may not realize that Zoisite (Tanzanite) may be found in green, teal, pink and yellow! There is always something to learn in the gemology field. Things change annually, and it is exciting to see what will be found that is rare and unique and this is what All That Glitters is all about. Check out our Amethyst colored Garnet that is new as well as our very fine Yellow Beryl Cat's Eyes - two fairly new gemstones to the market.

What the TV Gem Shopping Channels Don't Tell You!

I never watch any of the home shopping channels regardless of whether it is for gemstones or jewelry. It usually takes only a minute before I hear mis-information or incorrect information. Some of what is said is down right laughable or shocking is more like it, at least to those in the know, but the real danger is IF the people watching believe what they are being told.

When we had our own TV Show featuring gems and jewelry back in the mid-90s, those viewers that really enjoyed the content were those in the jewelry trade - I would tell the audience about heating, irradiation, natural color, issues or concerns about gemstones and much more. The trade loved the show because I was telling the public exactly what they were telling their customers. The information was backed up with facts and not what one frequently hears on many shows currently on air.

I was watching one show the other day that was selling jewelry set with smaller round Orange Sapphire. The seller indicated that orange is the most costly or rare colors in Sapphire - Yes, that was correct. BUT, the seller never mentioned during my time of watching/listening, that the orange Sapphires in the jewelry were not entirely natural - they were of natural origin, but the color was artificial and added in a lab. They were Beryllium treated Sapphires and that color was due to treatment. Now that being said, the price for these treated gemstones are inexpensive in this size and not rare at all when compared to any natural (or natural and heated) orangy Sapphire. In fact, how many thousand would you like to purchase? The non-disclosure that these were enhanced to this color is against FTC rules and regulations. I also think that implying the Sapphire in the jewelry was rare and expensive was misleading.

The only way the public understands what they are buying is for the seller to explain everything - not just give bits and pieces of information to make a sale.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

United States Postal Service - Second Only to God?...

The below was readily found online using Google in doing some research regarding the insurance claim we filed with the USPS -

Can You Sue the US Post Office in Small Claims

My question involves small claims court in the state of: California

I had a package insured for $130.00 (a porcelain toilet, no less) delivered destroyed by the US Postal Service. So far I have four trips to the post office (hauling around a broken, 40 lb toilet bowl) trying just to FILE my claim for the insurance. On each trip I'm told there is some new reason why they cannot accept my claim. Searching online it becomes pretty clear that this is a tactic used by USPS to erode the resolve of the claimant to the point where they just give up. From the very first contact, it was pretty clear that USPS has no intention of honoring the insurance they were only to happy to sell when the parcel was mailed. I think it is called "bad faith". Can one sue the USPS in small claims court? If so, whom do you serve?

Re: Can You Sue the US Post Office in Small Claims

No, you cannot sue the USPS in small claims. The Post Office, being an agency of the Federal government, cannot be sued at the state level.

You would first need to serve the USPS a Federal Claim for Damages (you have two years to do so). If the claim is denied, you would then need to file suit in Federal court.

It's pricey and headachey and cannot be done properly without counsel versed in arguing at the Federal level.

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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Is it Me, Only the US, Worldwide or ????

What is it now with the United States or is this world wide? No matter what one does, signs up for new service, orders something from a store, makes a purchase from a store, etc. there are issues. In fact,
those high priced items that used to last for decades last 1-2 years, and at the time of purchase, they want to sell you a service contract. Sounds like planned obsolescence.

Just about everything that we have been involved in over the past few years, has required extra time to look into the issue, send letters, send emails, make phone calls, and spend too much time attempting to correct issues that shouldn't have happened in the first place. The following is a representation of the companies where many hours and sometime months were required trying to resolve simple issues: USPS, Verizon, Comcast, HughesNet, Directv, PayPal, eBay, Columbia, numerous blind/shade related companies on line, local contractors, FatWallet, and many more. Most issues have been resolved, but it takes so much time out of ones day and is frustrating, that one doesn't want to get involved in having to make a new purchase even when needed!

This wasn't going to be an advertisement for gemstone purchases but a real question as to what is going on with services, quality of products, rebates and just getting what one orders. In discussing the issues above,
I realize that with gemstones, one has a lifetime guarantee with us, they still look the same after hundreds of years, and the service at All That Glitters is wonderful... So what started out as a lament for the good old days or stating issues encountered, ends up showing how these issues won't happen when making All That Glitters purchases!...

United States Postal Service (USPS) Dropping the Ball...

It is no wonder that the USPS is having problems. Not only is there less mail going through the postal system, but when they cause their customers undue aggravation and do not pay out insurance claims, people go elsewhere - like FedEx, UPS and others.

We have been using the USPS for 30 years in this business. USPS gets about 99% of our business, and ALL of our packages are insured, registered, etc. costing far more money. I cannot recall an incident currently where we have had to file a claim over 30 years of paying out for insurance - until NOW.

We sent out an insured package via Click N'Ship. We have been using this feature for items less than $500 for years now without incident. Over $500 we use Registered/Insured. The Click N'Ship insured package arrived at its destination city in record time (it is usually not that fast though they do say it is typically two days because it is Priority). The package is currently lost because the USPS delivered it to the wrong company AND the wrong address. We have a copy of the signature and address indicating this. I submitted a claim via the USPS website and it was denied. The reason: They delivered it. Yes, USPS delivered it, but to the wrong business and address. From their perspective - end of story. Though emails were sent referencing the internal claims tracking number, emails are no longer being answered.

I visited the local post office and the woman I spoke to the woman behind the counter and she couldn't believe the denied claim when the evidence was shown to her. Now there is a USPS employee with common sense!

We would recommend to customers, the trade and anyone shipping items of value that are insured or would like the item to ARRIVE at the proper destination without issues, to consider using other shippers. If the USPS has evidence (signature and delivery address) and that evidence indicates incorrect delivery, it is their responsibility to correct the issue - insurance was paid for and the claim should not be denied just because they delivered it - payment was made to deliver it to the CORRECT address without issues...

Attention all those in the gemstone, jewelry, mineral dealers and all those shipping items of value: Shipping via USPS with insurance, signatures required, registered, etc. does not mean you will be reimbursed if there is an incident.