Sunday, May 29, 2016

All That Glitters Website and Info Changes for June 2016!

Here are the changes on the All That Glitters Website for June 2016:

This Month's Special:  Fordite - What is it?  Visit the page below and find out!
Our previous pieces of Fordite appeared in a book on gemstones.  They were all purchased by one jewelry designer.  This material appeals to historians as well as those who have a penchant for cars, as well as vibrant interesting colors.  GIA has just published an article on the material, so our few select pieces of Fordite are now highlighted and appear on Sale on This Month's Special page.  We only have several new pieces - could be the last we ever have, as this material is no longer available as it once was…

This Month's Gem News:   "Sapphires SOAR, as they become the MUST Have Gem for 2016"
"DIAMONDS may be forever... but sapphires are soaring, at least when it comes to marking an engagement for increasing numbers of couples, according to Bonhams…"
Read More…

Newly Faceted or Photographed Gemstones: 
We have reposted a previous item, adding more information and a link to GIA's Gems & Gemology, as they just published an article on a similar crystal - Spinel Crystal with Triangle!
Color Change (3.08ct), Imperial (3.52ct) and Umbalite (12+ct) are just back from the cutters!
A Wonderful, Large 1.56ct Natural Alexandrite has been certed by GIA.  GIA has indicated a color change of blue green to purple - the best color change available.  Cert is now available - check it out….
50 Million Year Old Male Ant in Amber - brass stand available if desired
76ct Carved Labradorite Ganesh with an absolutely wonderful blue sheen across the surface - like Blue Moonstone!
3 Teal Colored Fluorite Crystals
Fine Blue/Pink Bicolor Tourmaline Cat's Eyes - posted on Facebook; view the comments it received!....
3.59ct Round Blue MONTANA Sapphire - A Must See in Person!
Neon Pinkish Red Vietnamese Spinel
Fine Ruby Red Burmese Spinel
Large Deep Pink Ice Colored Spinel
6+ct Oval Orange Spessartite Garnet
Burmese Bluish Spinel
Blue Moonstone
Faceted Opal with nice play of color
Amethyst-Colored Purple Garnet (this material has been a big hit on the market as well as in Tucson)
Large Rhodolite Garnet
Unusual Bicolor (Bluish/Pink) Cat's Eye Tourmaline
Orangy Cat's Eye Tourmaline - photos doesn't do this gem any justice
Burmese Pink Tourmaline  "Eye"
Burmese Ruby Red Spinel Crystal with natural Triangular growth structure on crystal face Large Burmese Hackmanite Cab - Great Color Changer
Unique Amethyst Quartz Crystal Slice with another colored Quartz Crystal contained within the slice
Back from our Award Winning U.S. Cutter - a Wonderful 35+ct Ametrine, a 5+ct Ouro Preto Topaz which has gotten many comments/compliments after being posted on Facebook, and a nice green-blue 3+ct Nuristani Tourmaline (very old rough in our inventory).  All are Concave Faceted - producing not only beautiful but interesting pieces.  Though the photos are very nice for these pieces, a few people who have seen them in person and have commented that they look better in person than the photos!
Two Large Color Changing Turkish Diaspores, carved/grooved in a similar fashion above - these gems as well as the Ametrine, Topaz and Tourmaline described above are in our CA office and not available for a few months.
Recent Additions from our International Travels Abroad:
Alexandrite Cat's Eye, Pink Scapolite from Burma that fluoresces, a Grossular Garnet that also fluoresces, Ruby and Sapphire, including Fancy Multi-Colored Sapphire and Padparadschas, unique one of a kind Opals, many Star Sapphires, Blue Moonstones, various colored Spinels, a carved Iolite Chameleon, neon Apatite, Green Sphene, Tsavorite, Demantoid Garnet, Chrysoberyl,  Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl, a Diamond Crystal (2.8+cts) with a flower-like Hydrogen Cloud (currently at GIA being studied for possible publication), as well as Blue, Yellow and Green Zircon! 

Gemstones in Cutting:
We have 6 new pieces of special Ametrine just out of the Anahi Mine in Bolivia.  We will have our special facetor/cutter groove a piece or two, creating similar pieces to what we have shared/sold to our customers in the past and that have been very well received.

Shipping Internationally:
As of March, there will no longer be the possibility of  USPS Registered shipping for smaller valued packages.  International shipments will be via Federal Express, regardless of value; we will continue to insure all packages through another party.  International Shipping starts at $150 and is based on the insured value.

New Payment Possibility!:   
This method of bank account to bank account transfer is becoming more popular. One can send funds directly from a Popmoney account or via an individual's bank account if the bank uses Popomoney.
To promote this method of payment, we are offering 1% back on purchases made using Popmoney!  Contact us and we will provide you with an updated total for your purchase including the shipping and insurance.

More All That Glitters Gemstones to be Studied at GIA:
GIA has requested several more gemstones in the All That Glitters inventory to be brought to Tucson for discussion among the lab personal to see if they will be brought back to GIA in Carlsbad for study and possible future publication in Gems and Gemology Magazine.   As of the Tucson Show, GIA currently has 4 gemstones they are studying.
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