Wednesday, July 29, 2015

All That Glitters Website and Info Changes for August 2015!

Here are the changes to look for on the All That Glitters Website for August 2015:
This Month's Special:  Blue Zircon Ring with 2 Diamonds
(Don't confuse Zircon with Cubic Zirconium - Zircon is indeed a real gemstone and can be available in a wonderfully beautiful blue color, such as this piece here!)
 This Month's Gem News:  World's Most Expensive Coloured Gem Sells for $30M
The Sunrise Ruby has become the world's most expensive coloured gemstone, selling for $30m at auction.
Read More and View the Video…
Newly Faceted or Photographed Gemstones:
Our Unique Cat's Eye Yellow Beryl has been studied by GIA and will appear in two different editions of Gems & Gemology!
Oregon Sunstone Carved/Sculpted (almost 7cts) by Award Winning Artist is not available and a must see!
Russian Tourmaline Crystal (26+cts) from the Malkhan Gem Tourmaline Deposit in Transbaikalia
We have added a few movie clips of a few gems:  Large Color Change Diaspore, Large Paraiba Blue Apatite, Oceanview California Kunzite, 12+ct Carved/Sculpted Ametrine, Large Burmese Peridot, 4+ct Round Tanzanite, and an impressive Sapphire/Diamond Ballerina Ring.
We have added the provenance of the French Bronze Belt Buckle found at the Battle of Waterloo - that area has just celebrated 200 years since that battle as of last month!
10 (yes, 10!) Alpaca Fashion Earrings (mixed styles) for only $100 including shipping/insurance - closeout
A 3+ct Tanzanite was mis-priced and is now far lower in price…
Carved Amethyst Ganesh, weighing over 42cts and from the All That Glitters Collection
Scapolite with Rainbow/Iridescent Inclusions written up in Gems&Gemology Magazine - story revealed
Kite shaped Oregon Sunstone with Schiller, weighing 4.21cts
A 2.04ct Reddish Orange Unheated Sapphire has been Certed by GIA
Check out the Wonderful HACKMANITE (must see!) - our last one; deposit is not producing - ours is a high quality gem
A large 6+ct Burmese Peridot
A Very fine Certed (GIA)Natural Alexandrites weighing 1.03ct with a unique color change is available and at a wonderfully low price!
A Rare Faceted Amethyst from Morocco with Enhydro(water/gas)
Two Red Burmese Spinels
One ORANGE Mahenge Spinel - have never seen one like this before!
A Rare Pad-Colored Burmese Spinel
Color Shifting Unheated Madagascar Sapphire
An Unusually Colored Sapphire from a new find in Nigeria (looks like a Cobalt Spinel!)
A Magenta Pink Oval Sapphire
Almost Clear Cat's Eye Moonstones with VERY Sharp Eyes
Ethiopian Opal - Lots of Color Play
Four Quartz with aesthetically pleasing and very collectable Inclusions!
Clean and Nicely Formed Topaz Crystal from Pakistan - Facet Rough or Specimen
Cherry Creek Intarsia - 12 pieces, purchased for their beautiful designs

 New Page - All That Glitters Shows the Savings to our Diamond Customers:
We were contacted recently regarding a 3.03ct VSI/G Emerald Cut EGL Certed Diamond found using our Diamond Search Engine.  Besides requesting the cert, she was questioning why the price was so low as in other places she sought a similar diamond, they were approximately $17,000 more.  Yes, $17,000 more… 
We explain how All That Glitters offers value and low pricing on our Certed GIA and EGL(USA) Diamonds!.... 

 L. Allen Brown/All That Glitters Photos and Comments Appear on Trade Website!:
Distinguishing between Rubies and Pink Sapphires (International Gem Society Article) displays
photos from the All That Glitters Website and quotes All That Glitters Owner (L. Allen Brown) in this
article that notes the history of differentiating Ruby from Sapphire.

 More All That Glitters Gemstones Studied at GIA:
The All That Glitters Gemstones that have been at GIA since February, are currently being returned after study. 
Our Yellow Beryl (Heliodor) Cat's Eyes are special for a few reasons; not only the rarity, but the inclusions inside. 
To quote GIA regarding these Unique Gems - "...conducted the analysis and observed some very interesting and unusual inclusions in these heliodor samples... they all have very rare well-formed blue octahedral gahnite crystals (ZnAl2O4, spinel group mineral). The gahnite inclusions have never been reported before in beryl and maybe can be used as a diagnostic inclusion of the geographic origin of the stone after some more detailed research in the future."
The study will appear in two Gems & Gemology editions!  These are featured on our Newly Photographed, Yellow Beryl and Published pages.

Gemstones in Cutting:
A 90+ct Deeply Colored Ametrine is being carved/sculpted and that is currently in progress.  A piece of quartz with the design is being created first, to verify the concept/design.
One Color Changing Diaspore is being Concave faceted, and another will be carved/sculpted.
A wonderfully carved colorful Oregon Sunstone weighing almost 7cts has been finished and is available for sale.
This work is being created by an award winning cutter whom we are just starting to work with now.
Visit Our Diamond Search Engine for Your Diamond Needs:
Related to our Diamond Search Engine, is our relatively new website which is devoted solely to
Certed (GIA/EGL) Diamonds - Certified Diamonds