Wednesday, August 30, 2017

All That Glitters Website and Info Changes for September 2017!

Here are the changes on the All That Glitters Website for September 2017:

This Month's Gem News:   Apatite - The Great Unknown Gemstone…
" Apatite is very much an insider gemstone collectors’ secret largely unknown to the general public.
Occurring in a kaleidoscope of colours - including an electrifying shade of neon blue often confused
with the Paraiba tourmaline - apatite is considered a prized possession among collectors..."
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Newly Faceted or Photographed Gemstones: 
34.56ct Grooved Fancy Blended Ametrine!
Currently testing faceting designs on unique/interesting synthetic rough, producing the following:
  76+ct Color Changing YAG (Clear [or light lilac/grey/silver] to Medium Pink!)
  12+ct Synthetic Alexandrite
  38+ct Synthetic Alexandrite faceted by the owner of All That Glitters
Faceted All That Glitters Rough recently back from one of our expert facetors includes the following:
   34.80ct Ametrine with every cutting style incorporated into one piece!
   Green Sapphire, 3.50ct, Oval - Priced to Move…..
   3.84ct Green (slight blue) Tourmaline Emerald Cut
   3 Large Mahenge Garnets (2 of a Pink variety and 1 of an Orangy color - all sought after
   currently and fetching astronomically high prices for Garnet out there in the retail and
   wholesale market)
   6 Blue (various blues including a Parti-Colored one!) Montana Sapphire
   1 Neony Green Tourmaline