Wednesday, July 27, 2011

All That Glitters Website and Info Changes for August 2011!

The Latest All That Glitters Website News for August 2011 includes the following:

Monthly Special: Certed Natural Unheated Ruby - 10% off!

Monthly News
U.S. Gemstones/Minerals in Recent News
Maine Continues to Produce Tourmaline

Newly Photographed:

A large Rhodolite over 6cts
4 Newly Cabbed Ethiopian Opal of various colors and qualities
New photos of a 0.93ct
Natural Alexandrite
The last of the Uniquely Colored Purple Garnet to be photographed - just under 3cts
Purchasing of new gemstones has been difficult as explained in previous emails, our blog, the news, etc. due to dramatically increasing prices and two countries that have incredible buying power and a rapidly emerging middle class.

Friday, July 01, 2011

All That Glitters Website and Info Changes for July 2011!

We have been trying our best to find fine quality colored gemstones at good prices so we can offer stores/goldsmiths, as well as our on-line customers prices lower than expected - but to no avail. We are constantly being outbid, and it isn't as if we are missing by a few dollars or even a few hundred dollars. It can be thousands to tens of thousands of dollars. For instance, one item sold for 6 times what we were willing to pay. Other items we have seen were up to 10 times what one would expect to pay; and we have seen all kinds of prices in between. This is the norm of what we have been hearing from our associates abroad. These prices will trickle down to everyone in the future.

Here are the changes to look for on the All That Glitters website for July 2011:

This Months Special: Petrified Wood from Arizona!
Petrified Wood from Arizona weighing approximately 6.2lbs and measuring approximately 6.5"(h)x4.5"9(w)x3.5"(d); currently in the East Coast Office but will be traveling west to the winter office; may become a permanent fixture there!

This Months Gem News: U.S. Gemstones/Minerals in Recent News
Update on the large Emerald found in North Carolina. It has been faceted from
the original rough and then re-faceted!

Newly Faceted or Photographed Gemstones:
We have been trying to purchase new material, but with prices increasing so rapidly, we are always outbid. However, we did manage a real find - An over 1ct (1.18ct to be exact) certified UNHEATED Natural Ruby from the famous Winza strike in Africa. Nice color, good sparkle, eye clean.....
A wonderful example of fine Ethiopian Opal in Matrix - a must for a collector!

Recent American Gems/Minerals in the News....

In one of our past editions of our Monthly News, we noted the large Emerald found in North Carolina (August 2009). This 62.09gram (310.45ct) resulted in a faceted free-form step cut that weighed 74.66cts - that's about a 24% yield from the rough, but about 20% more than the average rough calculations estimate. This was recut by another facetor and yielded a 64.83ct hexagonally shaped gemstone. When looking at the shape of the piece of rough, this is the shape that I personally believe would produce the best yield, as this was roughly the shape of the rough, the habit of a Beryl (Emerald) crystal. The final yield is about 21%. This gemstone has been named the Carolina Emperor and is the largest faceted U.S. Emerald.

One can read more of this on line by using a search engine or by obtaining a copy of Gems and Gemology Magazine (GIA), Winter 2010.