Saturday, January 21, 2012

All That Glitters Website and Info Changes for February 2012!

Here are the changes to look for on the All That Glitters Website for February 2012:

This Months Special: 11.09ct Chrysoberyl Crystal from Ratnapura, Sri Lanka
A Unique Specimen showing good crystal habit, color, clarity and terminations.

This Months Gem News: US/Burma Relations Thawing
Relations between the United States and Myanmar (Burma) warm as the
political climate within Burma changes...

Newly Faceted or Photographed Gemstones:
Our Master Cutter has returned the 3 gemstones sent him for recutting, obtained from our month long trip abroad. They include a Ruby, a Sapphire and Blue Tourmaline.
Recent Arrivals from our trip abroad:
Many Certed Gems
Ruby - Fine Examples
Sapphire - All Colors
Tsavorite (Green Garnet - miscellaneous shapes and versions of green)
Color Change African Garnet (blue green to purple)
Incredible one of a kind Natural Alexandrite - super in every way!
Sphene - two different colors; very dispersive!
Sapphire Crystals
Sapphire Crystals on Matrix
Chrysoberyl Crystal
Eye Agate
Fossilized Coral
Fossilzed Sharks Tooth WITH Serrations!
Agatized Coral
Opal - Ethiopian
Fire Opal
Several Demantoid Garnets from Namibia including a PAIR!
Spessartite Cabs (2) look like gum drops, very clean
Hackmanite (an important variety of sodalite) exhibits unusual phenomenon known as reversible photochromism
Reddish Orange Spinel from Burma
Red Spinel (fine color) from Burma
Unheated Tanzanite
10mm Blue-Purple Tanzanite
Namibian Blue-Green Tourmaline
Purplish Mozambique Tourmaline Cab
Unusual and Rare Blue Zircon
Unique Example of Broad Flash Fire Agate
Black and White Zoned Agate Cab
Included Quartz with large Breadcrumb inclusion with Tourmaline needles
Chinese "Year of" bracelet
1500+ct Carved Lizard - Jade (could be much heavier - we don't have a scale that weigh it!)
Three Brasilian Naturally Terminated Tourmaline Crystals
3.59ct Yellowish Pyrope-Spessartine Garnet

Gemstones in Cutting:
Three gemstones are currently being refaceted by our Master Cutter. They are a certed Ruby, an unusual Teal Sapphire, and a nice deep Blue Namibian Tourmaline! We thought that the beauty of these gemstones could be improved by being tweeked eventhough the cost of recutting and weight loss willbe costly. We hope to have them available on line just before the next monthly email is sent out.
===> These have been received back from our Master Cutter and can be seen on the Newly Photographed page:

Tucson Gem Show is here....
We will be at the Tucson Gem Show, which we believe is our 26th year in attendance.

New Page!
We have a decent inventory of Fine Tsavorite (Green Garnet) and so we have added a New Page dedicated to this Grossular Garnet.
This page can be accessed in two places within our Photo Gallery Page:
A Few Photos From Our Trip to the Ratnapura Gem Pits
Living conditions and mining tools haven't changed much is many decades of mining in Sri Lanka...
(Ratnapura Gem Pit Photos located near the bottom of this page)