Saturday, July 31, 2010

All That Glitters Monthly Info and Website Changes for August 2010

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Latest All That Glitters Website News for August 2010 includes the following:

Monthly Special: Two Pieces of Paraiba Quartz - Save 25%!

Monthly News: New AGL Certs on Corundum in the ATG Inventory

Newly Photographed:

Copper Ore Slab from the famous Morency, AZ locality
Incredible Rainbow Obsidian Carved Butterfly
Custom Hand Made Sterling Silver Pendant set with Fancy Agate Druzy
A Super Pair of Matched 8.2mm Tanzanites!
Opal with Dentritic Inclusions - unusual and aesthetically pleasing
Pinkish Zircon
Burmese (Mogok) Deep Red Spinel
Ethiopian Opals

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FREE Multi-Function Scale!!!!

New AGL Certs on Corundum in the ATG Inventory

Not much to report in Gem News over this past month. All That Glitters sent several pieces of Corundum (Blue and Orange Sapphire, as well as a Ruby) to AGL for Certification as to heat and verification of natural color. Those gemstones with the certs will be available for viewing and the newly certed gemstones will be noted on our Sapphire and Ruby page. We were verbally told the results over the phone by the lab, and will be making these available on line as soon as we receive them and are able to have the certs scanned. For those who feel certs are an added plus and bonus to their gemstone purchase, you will want to check these out!