Thursday, November 30, 2017

All That Glitters Website and Info Changes for December 2017!

Here are the changes on the All That Glitters Website for December 2017:

This Month's Special:  3 Large Cabs of Fossilized Coral – Approx 200cts!

This Month's Gem News:   Back to Basics - Why Collect Gems?
"The fascination with possessing gems is ancient and universal. Gems have intrigued and mystified us for thousands of years. They have been the gifts and ransoms of kings and queens, the reason for crimes of violence and the overthrow of rulers.  Due to the indestructibility of gemstones, they can be passed from one generation to another. Collecting gems is analogous to owning other rare and beautiful objects such as art, antiques, exotic cars or collectibles: They should be purchased for their beauty, rarity and the enjoyment they give..."
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(December’s Gem News will remain the same article as November, as we feel it is interesting as after 30 years since it was originally written, the statements are still true and interesting.  For those who have not read it over the past month, it is available until the January timeframe…)

Newly Faceted or Photographed Gemstones: 
Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum!  (With cert and appraisal)
ATG Faceted Tanzanite-Colored Blue-Purple Color Shifting YAG, 8+cts!...  (A Give-A-Way)
Two unique Tourmaline Slices were discovered in our travels
Smaller nicely saturated 1.71ct Aquamarine – SOLD!
Super matched pair of 11mm Trilliant Morganites – our first Morganite(s) in 36 years  - SOLD!
(If you like this color, cutting, etc. let us know what shape and size you might be interested in and we will do our best to find it next year!)
1.12ct Round Greenish Unheated Sapphire!
34.56ct Grooved Fancy Blended Ametrine!
Currently testing faceting designs on unique/interesting synthetic rough, producing the following:
  76+ct Color Changing YAG (Clear [or light lilac/grey/silver] to Medium Pink!)
  12+ct Synthetic Alexandrite
  38+ct Synthetic Alexandrite faceted by the owner of All That Glitters
Faceted All That Glitters Rough back with the past few months from one of our expert facetors includes the following:

   34.80ct Ametrine with every cutting style incorporated into one piece!

All That Glitters in Auction:
Custom Etched Large Meteorite Cube:
Insect in Amber - Approx 30+ MILLION Years Old
Sold for about 500% more than the price listed on the All That Glitters Website
When place items up for auction, we can usually expect about a 50-100% increase in the selling price vs. the price we have listed on our website.  Many more people view
the item for sale and many understand why the item is unique, uncommon and perhaps the comparable value should a similar item be available for sale.  Therefore, the
interest, bidding and final selling price might be much higher at auction vs. the All That Glitters website.

All That Glitters on Instagram:
We have finally signed up for Instagram.  Sign up and become a follower of the
All That Glitters posts!
There is currently a photo on Instagram of the latest Ametrine that has recently come back from our cutter. We have also signed up for Pin Interest, but it may be for some time before gemstones/items are uploaded.  There are literally thousands of postings where our gemstone images have been used throughout the world without our permission and with no credit being given as to where the photo originated.  We are looking into watermarking the photos and are not in a rush to put many more photos on line until we can somehow control the unauthorized use of photos or where there is no info as to the origin of the photo.

Gemstones in Cutting:
Our specialist in concave cutting has 1 more Ametrine he is working on - these take a week of constant work to complete, and unfortunately get put on the cutters back burner so he can work on gemstones that require less time.  Therefore, may be many months before one is completed. 
Our hopes of utilizing a new cutter have been dashed as the cutter who received two pieces of rough from us, felt he was not the best to facet and create the unique designs we are known for.  Therefore, cutting for the time being is on the back burner.  Many of our previous facetors have months of work on their plates.  When they free up or we find another competent cutter for our specialty designs, we will move ahead.  Part off the problem at times is the cost of cutting – as noted previously, some of our gemstones require a full week of work to complete – the cost for this can obviously be high, and that adds to the cost of the final gemstone.  At All That Glitters, we keep pricing down by traveling as close to the source as possible, and if we save our customers money by purchasing rough at times, we continue to try to save the customer even more money when we facet/create a gemstone from that rough.