Sunday, July 29, 2018

All That Glitters Website and Info Changes for August 2018!

Here are the changes on the All That Glitters Website for August 2018:

This Month's Special:

This Month's Gem News:   Tantalising Tanzanite: The Ultimate Blue Gem
More than half a century after its discovery, we bring you the history of tanzanite, the alluring blue gem whose colours range from deep blue to lilac…
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Newly Faceted or Photographed Gemstones: 
Newly arrived from our cutters and faceted from All That Glitters rough, we have posted photos for the following items:
Orange Zircon(2 pieces, the smaller one has SOLD!); Small ‘Test’ Gemstones which include Fancy Rare Garnet (various colors – yellow, padparadscha, imperial/champagne), Purple Garnet (SOLD!) and Orange Tourmaline(SOLD!).  We attempted to photograph some of the Blue Flash Amethyst as well as the Rhodolite/Umbalite Garnet (3 matched pairs and 3 singles), but color rendition wasn’t good enough for posting.  We were also hoping on selling these two parcels to dealers, as we have a few whom would probably love to have these in inventory.  While we await an appointment, if you have an interest, we can tell you what sizes, shapes, colors and prices are associated with them.
Gemstones in Cutting:
We also have two large 100ct Oregon Sunstones that will be carved and/or cut by the multi-award winning cutter, Dalan Hargrave.  These will be available in about 6 months.

All That Glitters at Auction!:
We have five wonderful items at auction in August with Heritage Auctions.  The pieces consist of 3 Copal Pieces with Insects and two beautifully etched Russian Meteorites.  The difference between Copal and Amber is age – where Amber is older than Copal.  Though we purchased the pieces as Amber and the differentiation of Copal from Amber can be difficult at times unless the included insects can be dated due to being extinct, the items listed are described as Copal.  There is a debate about Columbian ‘Amber’ as some say it is true Amber and others claim it is not as old as it should be to deemed Amber, therefore it is Copal.  Whatever you want to call them, all three pieces have beautifully detailed preserved insects and come with brass stands!!   View the Preserved Insects in Fossilized Tree Resin/Sap as well as the Meteorites on the following page – and Bid Now prior to the auction starting or attend the auction live on-line!!

All That Glitters In The News:
The newly photographed “Ametrine Trapiche” that we recently added into inventory and that is a new find originating in Brasil, will be featured in an article (Summer 2018) in the well-known Gems & Gemology Magazine by GIA.  The edition will be mailed to subscribers in early August and I have been told that the link to the article will be available about August 9th or so.  When we have seen it appear on line, we plan on having the link on our main website page, on our Learn More page, and in our September Monthly Email.  All That Glitters Unique and Rare Gemstones have appeared in Gems & Gemology Magazine on a regular basis, with the first article being 1996 noting the newly discovered Imperial Malaia Garnet, named by the owner of All That Glitters.  All four new acquisitions will appear in the article, with three being available for sale!

Gerard Quintin from the South American Gem Academy contacted All That Glitters about an upcoming article as he desired some of our unique fine examples of Ametrine.  Geoffrey Dominy, whom we met and have been in contact with for about 30 years, then reached out for more photos and info for this article.  The World Gem Foundation is responsible for Gemology Today, and Geoff is the founder, as well as a relatively new publisher of books on gemstones.  We expect some of our gemstone to be in his future books as well as other articles.  The Ametrine article may be viewed on the following link: 

Our gemstones have appeared in magazines, books, newspapers, trade journals and even websites such as International Gem Society as many of All That Glitters gems represent the gemstone species on their website!  All That Glitters/L. Allen Brown may be the most published gemstone business as far as photos of unique, fine and extraordinary color, as well as the least known since we haven’t displayed in Tucson since 1990 or exhibited in a show open to the public since 2003!  That could change with 2019, as we might display in Tucson again, and if not in 2019, we certainly hope to in 2020 – so put it on your calendar and plan to visit our booth!  We will note our location, booth, hours, our monthly emails prior to the show.

Welcome to New Customers!:
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