Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The World Of Gemstones Introduction - Now Available Online!

The Introduction to The World of Gemstones, sponsored by All That Glitters, with the Host being the owner of All That Glitters, can be be viewed on YouTube. This was the introduction to the tv show and originally aired in 1996/1997.

All That Glitters continues to thrive and has added another 13 years of selling to the trade/public, totaling almost 3 decades.


Monday, May 18, 2009

Natural Stones are the 'New Bling'

Quote below is from an article in
The Los Angeles Times, May 12, 2009

"The jewelry getting the most attention this spring leaves the flashy carats behind and seems to draw its inspiration from the mineral samples in a science museum gift shop. Agate, malachite, moonlight crystal, quartz and shimmering drusies are set in gold, wrapped in wire, strung as pendants or faceted as cocktail rings in ways that showcase the best of what nature has to offer....

Pieces that feel special but without over-the-top glitz make sense right now, says Los Angeles-based jewelry designer Devon Leigh. "People are reaching back to the Earth and to things that happen naturally," she explains. "There are a lot of negative things happening in the world, and ideas found in nature are balancing and comforting."...

The large, vividly colored stones make the accessories they're attached to statement pieces. And because the prices of quartz and geodes are so much lower than those of precious gems, designers can take creative liberties with the stones and sell pieces at reasonable prices (unless they add diamonds, of course).

The bohemian feel of this jewelry lends a relaxed and romantic vibe to any ensemble. Play up the art nouveau elements by pairing pieces with something soft, pale and flowing. Or use them to soften an outfit that's crisp and stark. The look is distinctive -- and decidedly down to Earth."

You can view All That Glitters Custom Hand-Made Sterling Silver Pendants and Earrings, set with naturally beautiful mineral/gemstone materials on the following page:


AGTA Requires Andesine Disclosure

"With consumer and buyer protection in mind, the AGTA will now require its members who sell or consign any red andesine-labradorite to disclose it as diffused material, and indicate this either in plain language or by use of the industry accepted code, ā€œUā€, for diffusion*. If it can be determined that the material is natural, as in the case of particular Oregon material; then it may be disclosed as untreated" -AGTA Email/Article

All That Glitters only has the Natural Oregon material. The gemstone that currently is available was found in Oregon by the owner of All That Glitters after days of digging in adverse conditions. It was faceted by our master cutter, who has won an award in the most recent AGTA Cutting Competition. He has won awards and recognition in past competitions also. This Natural Oregun Sunstone is currently scheduled to appear in a book dedicated to gemstones - to be published later this year. This is your chance to own not only a gemstone that has a great color, is of natural U.S. origin, contains desireable copper schiller, perfect facet junctions, proper angles which produce brilliance, a VERY high 100,000 diamond polish, faceted by a master cutter - this gemstone should be appearing in a book that will be distributed and viewed around the world. You can be the new owner!