Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Recent Andesine Feldspar Not Natural - TREATED!

As was to be expected with the large amount of Red Feldspar which appeared on the market within the past few years, it was recently disclosed by a number of sources that this gemstone was being treated/enhanced. The large quantity of material on the market had people talking and wondering about the true source - some had heard it was from the Congo, others thought it could be from China. A few companies indicated that it was being mined in the Nepal area. Seems that this feldspar is actually coming from the Mongolia area and might be actually clear or yellow. With heat and the addition of copper, the material becomes red. In some information recently read online, one person indicated that the Chinese were purchasing large amounts of Yellow Feldspar. However, when attending trade shows, one sees Red Feldspar, but no Yellow. When asked if they have Yellow, the answer is "no". Where is ALL that Yellow Feldspar going? Looks and sounds like a treatment process. seems what was being sold as natural, is not quite as natural as one was told. Though this Red Andesine Feldspar is treated, there is natural Red out there....

To read more about this issue, visit the links below. Note that there will be much more information as studies are performed and the treatment is disclosed.

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