Monday, October 30, 2017

All That Glitters Website and Info Changes for November 2017!

Here are the changes on the All That Glitters Website for November 2017:

This Month's Special:  1000+ Russian Synthetic Ametrine Crystal (Intact!)

This Month's Gem News:   Why Collect Gems?

Newly Faceted or Photographed Gemstones: 
34.56ct Grooved Fancy Blended Ametrine!
Currently testing faceting designs on unique/interesting synthetic rough, producing the following:
  76+ct Color Changing YAG (Clear [or light lilac/grey/silver] to Medium Pink!)
  12+ct Synthetic Alexandrite
  38+ct Synthetic Alexandrite faceted by the owner of All That Glitters
Faceted All That Glitters Rough back with the past few months from one of our expert facetors includes the following:
   34.80ct Ametrine with every cutting style incorporated into one piece!
   Green Sapphire, 3.50ct, Oval - Priced to Moveā€¦..
   3.84ct Green (slight blue) Tourmaline Emerald Cut
   3 Large Mahenge Garnets (2 of a Pink variety and 1 of an Orangy color)
   6 Blue (various blues including a Parti-Colored one!) Montana Sapphire
   1 Neony Green Tourmaline
All That Glitters on Instagram:
We have finally signed up for Instagram.  Sign up and become a follower of the All That Glitters posts!

Gemstones in Cutting:
We are beginning to work with a new cutter in the United States.  We have sent him rough and he is currently working on a large Rwandan Amethyst.  We are considering attempting to flat facet one of our Blended Ametrines vs. the typical concave/grooving we have been doing over the past few years.  Results will be posted on our Newly Photographed Page when available, as well as the appropriate page for that particular gemstone species.