Friday, May 29, 2015

All That Glitters Website and Info Changes for June 2015!

Here are the changes to look for on the All That Glitters Website for June 2015:

This Month's Special:  Sapphire/Diamond Ballerina/Cocktail Ring! (Almost 3cts of Diamonds)
Save $600!    A Must See…
This Month's Gem News:  Gems & Gemology Spring Edition 2015 Reveals the Cause of Iridescence/Rainbow Effect in All That Glitters Scapolite
Noted before on our website, All That Glitters provided an interesting/unusual specimen of Scapolite about one year ago to GIA for study.  The information obtained, as well as photos, is now avaialble in GIA's Gems & Gemology Magazine Spring 2005 Edition.  Though we previewed the article, the edition was not yet available to the trade and we held off releasing any information - read the article to find out what is causing the Rainbow/Iridescence within the All That Glitters Scapolite.  (This Published gemstone is available for Sale!)

Newly Faceted or Photographed Gemstones:
A very impressive Sapphire/Diamond Ballerina Ring is available and is this Months Special!
Carved Amethyst Ganesh, weighing over 42cts and from the All That Glitters Collection
Scapolite with Rainbow/Iridescent Inclusions written up in Gems&Gemology Magazine - story revealed
Kite shaped Oregon Sunstone with Schiller, weighing 4.21cts
A 2.04ct Reddish Orange Unheated Sapphire has been Certed by GIA
Wonderful Natural Brasilian Agate slices have been photographed - real beauties when held up or lit
1.50ct Round Red Burmese currently on route to one of our customers in Singapore
Check out the Wonderful HACKMANITE - our last one; deposit is not producing - ours is a high quality gem
A large 6+ct Burmese Peridot
Oregon Sunstone with schiller faceted by the award winning Daryl Alexander (SOLD!)
Two very fine Certed (GIA)Natural Alexandrites both weighing 1.03ct (oval is SOLD; the uniquely color changing pear shape is still available and at a wonderfully low price!)
A Rare Faceted Amethyst from Morocco with Enhydro(water/gas)
Two Red Burmese Spinels
One ORANGE Mahenge Spinel - have never seen one like this before!
A Rare Pad-Colored Burmese Spinel
Color Shifting Unheated Madagascar Sapphire
An Unusually Colored Sapphire from a new find in Nigeria (looks like a Cobalt Spinel!)
A Magenta Pink Oval Sapphire
Almost Clear Cat's Eye Moonstones with VERY Sharp Eyes
Ethiopian Opal - Lots of Color Play
Four Quartz with aesthetically pleasing and very collectable Inclusions!
Roman Coin set into a Sterling Silver Pendant with 3 Round Garnets - includes the chain/free shipping/ins
Two Splendid Large Agate Slices for Home Decorators - smaller pieces also available
Yellow Beryl Crystal with Smoky Quartz Crystal
Light Green Fluorite Cluster from China
Unusual Termination on an Aquamarine Crystal - see it to believe it!
Five Nice Amethyst/Quartz Crystals/Specimens with Enhydros
Extremely Large Multiple Enhydros in Quartz Crystal/Specimen - photos with detail and video available
Large Pyrite on Matrix from Spain
Palm-sized Pyrite on Matrix with Quartz Crystal Growth (Peru)!
Clean and Nicely Formed Topaz Crystal from Pakistan - Facet Rough or Specimen
Cherry Creek Intarsia - 12 pieces, purchased for their beautiful designs
Another of our Orangy Pink Sapphires was just Certed by GIA as the coveted variety of Sapphire - Padparadscha - Sold! (Australia)
The last of our GIA Certed Pad Sapphires will be in transit to the UK shortly…

New Pages - Sculpted/Carved Gemstones and Decorator Items:
Sculpted or Carved Gemstones/Minerals:
Larger mineral specimens, sculpted/carved gemstone material, antiquities, etc.:

L. Allen Brown/All That Glitters Photos and Comments Appear on Trade Website!:
Distinguishing between Rubies and Pink Sapphires (International Gem Society Article) displays
photos from the All That Glitters Website and quotes All That Glitters Owner (L. Allen Brown) in this
article that notes the history of differentiating Ruby from Sapphire.

All That Glitters Diamond Customer Shows the Savings:
We were contacted recently regarding a 3.03ct VSI/G Emerald Cut EGL Certed Diamond found using our Diamond Search Engine.  Besides requesting the cert, she was questioning why the price was so low. 
We were very happy to hear her ask this question, because it means we are doing a good job on pricing!
We could write an article on the reasons our Diamond prices are low, just like our Fine Colored Gemstones.
All of our colored gemstones in inventory are the property of All That Glitters.  In the case of Diamonds, we cannot stock every size, color, clarity, shape, etc. so we have teamed up with Diamond Houses/Suppliers and have a very low markup for our customers.  Apparently, this customer was looking for similar diamonds in size, clarity and color and finding prices for similar items to be much higher than All That Glitters (about $10,000 more).  Along with the EGL(US) cert, this diamond had a replacement value of $91,820 (most likely for insurance purposes) from Universal Gemological Services(UGS).  The All That Glitters price is ONLY  $32,847.71 - a SAVINGS of $58,972.  We make no claim or have any connection with EGL or UGS - we only find the diamond a customer wishes and we provide the best price.  We also sell only GIA or EGL(US) certed diamonds, so there is an independent well-known and respected lab determining the clarity/color; we provide the search engine to find the diamond our customers seek, and our customers save big money!  As of the time of writing this email, the customer is considering the purchase; anyone is free to contact us if they are interested in this particular diamond and we will forward the information, cert, etc. 
We currently have this topic scheduled for discussion in July's Gem News

More All That Glitters Gemstones Studied at GIA:
We have another 5 or so items currently within GIA being studied with the possibility of their publication in Gems and Gemology Magazine in the future.  GIA's Robert Weldon took the photos during the recent Tucson Show.  The items were taken back to GIA Carlsbad for study.
We will keep our customers informed as we obtain more information in the future…
(Unfortunately, GIA is known for taking up to 8 months to return gemstones and up to a year or so before the information obtained from those gemstones/photos taken, appear in Gems & Gemology Magazine!)

Gemstones in Cutting:
We have two approx 95ct Deeply Colored Ametrines that we are currently deciding how to facet and who will do that faceting.  Stayed tuned - these pieces will be super special!  We plan on meeting with a cutter to discuss what may be created with these two very special pieces of rough.
Our hopes of increasing our Opal inventory with large fine quality Opals have been dashed.  After removing the mud/matrix from what seemed to be outstanding Opal, we were left with smaller pieces after trimming out issues, grinding down areas, etc.  This represents a loss of thousands of dollars, but this is the risk when one purchases rough material - as one is never sure of the outcome.  We will be attempting to cab a few items from the above noted rough pieces.

Visit Our Diamond Search Engine for Your Diamond Needs:
Related to our Diamond Search Engine, is our relatively new website which is devoted solely to
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