Sunday, November 27, 2016

All That Glitters Website and Info Changes for December 2016!

Here are the changes on the All That Glitters Website for December 2016:

This Month's Special:  Incredibly Beautiful Unique Blended Ametrine
Words cannot describe the exact shape, uniqueness, beauty, colors, etc. of this large concave/faceted blended oval Ametrine.  We posted the photo on Facebook within groups that have backgrounds in cutting or know their colored gemstones, with most of those members being within the gemstone trade.  We have posted 'some' of their comments and as noted above, many were speechless when they viewed the photo.  If this piece doesn't sell by the end of December as this Month's Special, the price will be removed and only quotes given to those who make a direct inquiry.  We are contemplating entering into a cutting competition later next year.  Though this gem is out of this world as some might say, if you visit our Ametrine page, the gemstone directly below it also holds high rank in beauty and is just as nice and unique, but in other ways.  We have had 3 incredible Ametrine pieces produced within a few months of each other (this oval, the fan and a round that sold last month), all very different and all very deserving of praise.  Both are being considered for entry into the AGTA Cutting Competition!  Enjoy the photos or perhaps enjoy them in person as both are for sale - one for the month of December, and one behind the scenes if someone wishes to be the proud owner of these very special pieces.

This Month's Gem News:   Ban on Burmese Gemstones Lifted!
After many years in place, the ban of the importation of Ruby and Jade (and other Precious Gemstones) from Burma (Myanmar) have been lifted.

Newly Faceted or Photographed Gemstones: 
4 Sapphires have been Certed by GIA and appear on our Newly Photographed page displaying their newly acquired certs.
We are VERY excited about two incredibly beautiful, one-of-a-kind Ametrines just came back from our cutter.  We are contemplating entering them into the AGTA Cutting Edge Competition; they are priced behind the scenes prior to the contest opening, should anyone be interested.  Send us an email if you would like to be the new owner!
A large 4.99ct Pear Shaped Chrome Tourmaline as well as a Uniquely shaped curved, multi-stepped Oregon Sunstone full of Copper Schiller is also back from our specialty cutter - look at the cutting and you will see what these are special.
A 2.97ct Glowing Blue Sapphire with a GIA Cert is available
Our 15+ct Trilliant Amethyst with the Enhydro is back from GIA - it will appear in the Fall Edition of Gems & Gemology Magazine!
Large 2.54ct Orangy Pink (Pad-Colored) Mahenge Spinel
Perhaps our last Grooved Ametrine, in a square shape, with wonderful color separation as well as mixing of color. 
An incredible Grooved Ametrine Round - priced behind the scenes and may be entered into a cutting edge competition.  SOLD!!
Large Herkimer Diamond Cluster with typical contrasting inclusions
Nice Blue Spinel (4.40cts) with crystal inclusions  (SOLD!)
A 5.05ct Chrome Tourmaline faceted from our rough, by the Multi-Award Winning Dalan Hargrave.  We posted this piece on Facebook as did Dalan - and it has been receiving raves!...  Sign up for our posts on Facebook now:
Our Stunning Large Round Montana Sapphire is back from GIA with a Cert!
(We have been invited to fly out to Montana with this Sapphire for discussions, as well of a tour of the MT Sapphire Mining areas and to meet those involved in active mining!  It seems that this MT Sapphire is destined to appear in a book devoted to Montana Sapphires - it is currently being photographed by the well-known gemstone photographer, Robert Weldon).
This Montana Sapphire has been photographed and in the future, should be published in an upcoming book on Montana Sapphires authored by a well-known individual in the gem trade who is respected for this vast knowledge of Montana Sapphires.  (SOLD - Singapore)

All That Glitters Finds More Interest/Higher Prices at Auction:
We have begun to sell some of our inventory through well-known auction houses, as more people may actually find our items at these on-line auctions.   As anticipated, the item sold for more than our original listing on our website.  

Gemstones in Cutting:
Two large Tourmalines are in the possession of one of our cutters - an orangy pink and a unique greenish/bluish.  Time will tell what will be obtained from this rough, but we can say that both pieces will be a challenge and we have no idea of what the final color will be!  One of our cutters does have a piece of Color Changing Diaspore that he is considering what can be created.  More special Ametrine is on order and is being shipped directly from the only mine in which it is found.

More All That Glitters Gemstones to be Studied at GIA:
Our Faceted Moroccan Amethyst with the Enhydro will be in Gems & Gemology Magazine, the International Gem News section, of the upcoming Fall 2016 issue, which will mailed from GIA at the end of October. This is also available on-line to view:
Yes, another Published gemstone from All That Glitters - and it is indeed currently for sale!

Crazy Prices Confirmed on Mahenge Garnets:
Mahenge Spinel has been the rage and we have a few fine specimens of these beautiful Spinels in inventory as well as a few that have sold over the past few years.  Like these Spinels which have been selling at high prices, Garnets have been found in the same area.  This relatively new find of Garnets from Mahenge have indeed been selling for crazy prices depending on sizes and colors - some pricing between $1000-$5000/ct.  We have been skeptical on whether they are actually selling, but it seems as if they are indeed finding buyers.  For those prices, we would rather see customers/buyers purchasing similarly colored Spinel.