Wednesday, December 29, 2010

All That Glitters Monthly Info and Website Changes for January 2011

2010 has passed with record speed. 2011 is here and we celebrate our 30th year selling to the gemstone trade, investors, collectors and the general public!

Happy New Year to All!

Here are the changes to look for on the All That Glitters website for January 2011:

This Months Special: Yellow Zircon - Choose the shape you desire!
These gems have a great color, are well cut, eye clean and under the right lights, dispersion!
There are 3 gemstones that you can choose from and you can save money on any of them - choose the trilliant, the pear shape or the fancy cut. Three people can be satisfied with a gemstone from this parcel as well as the savings - or perhaps once wishes to purchase all three; make a ring, pendant and pin!

This Months Gem News: 9 Pound Gold Nugget Found in California - Fact or Fiction????

Newly Faceted or Photographed Gemstones:
Our Synthetic Alexandrite has arrived back from the cutters, and we have sizes ranging from 6mm to 10mm Rounds as well as Square Princess Cuts. Of course, we have our Exclusive Custom All That Glitters Elegante Cut from approximately 5x7mm up to 9x7mm.

It's Almost Tucson Time:
If there is anything on your wish list, I will be meeting with many of our associates and perhaps they have what you seek/desire even if we don't. Feel free to send us a note telling us what you would be interested in, and we will attempt to do our best to locate it at the best price possible!

9 Pound Gold Nugget Found in California - Fact or Fiction????

A story seen on tv and appearing in newspapers earlier in 2010 is raising some questions about whether this unusual find is indeed true. If true, this is another one of natures wonders, but there have been even larger nuggets found in California - we have read where a 50+ pound nugget being found in the past. In order to remove all skepticism, the nugget has to be produced and made available to the media...

Read more about the controversy regarding this nugget which was found not too far from the All That Glitters West Coast Office!:
Nugget in Question >

You can read more about this story by Googling '9 pound gold nugget'.