Monday, December 11, 2006

Back from Thailand!

All That Glitters has come back recently from 3 weeks in Thailand, touring the country and seeing what was available in rough and faceted gemstones. Most of our buying was in Bangkok (population of about 12 million and think we saw most of them on the roads - a 20 minute taxi ride becomes 2 hours during rush hour, which is a good part of the day!) and the famous town of Chantaburi. We were disappointed by rough - we didn't see anything that was affordable. We do try to purchase below wholesale and then move the finished gemstones out below wholesale or just about wholesale or as best as we can do. Only saw one fine sapphire. We did purchase a wonderful 2.03ct Burmese Ruby - wonderful color, cut, clarity and price - and we had it certed while there.
Lots of zircon, orangy Spessartite, bright blue and green Tourmaline (some will cert out as Paraiba due to the presence of copper and the current definition of Paraiba), Purple/Lavender/Neon Pink/Magenta Rubellite Tourmalines also.

Purchased two 23.9kt yellow gold bracelets each of which contain 1 ounce of gold. We have several carved pieces - carved Sapphire Buddah and several Amethyst Buddahs.

A new page was created to display the unique Tourmaline being found in Mozambique:

Feel free to contact us for more details or to inquire about any gemstones mentioned above. The "Paraiba" material has yet to be priced and will most likely be based on the Trade book - The Guide. Though The Guide will give us an idea of what the prices should be, our goal has always been to buy well and to pass the savings on to our customers - any reason to purchase from All That Glitters - Price, as well as quality, cut and the fact we offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!