Sunday, June 29, 2014

All That Glitters Website and Info Changes for July 2014!

Here are the changes to look for on the All That Glitters Website for July 2014!:

This Month's Special:  Multiple Gemstone Monthly Special!                                                                      Something different for this Month's Monthly Special…multiple gemstones available with big savings!....   Many of these items have not been seen on our website previously and some date back to the very early 1980's.  Priced to move!

This Month's Gem News:  Recently Found Blue Diamond Rough Makes Debut!
One of the largest blue diamonds ever found ‒ weighing in at 122.53 carats (cts.) ‒ was unveiled this week…

Newly Faceted or Photographed Gemstones:
Old inventory that hasn't been seen for over 10 years has been pulled from the vault and photographed.  There is a small parcel of Natural Sapphire which has been recystallized so that very fine stars have been created.  This material was certed by GIA in the past and though we didn't request a cert from GIA, we did see the cert.  These 4 Sapphire cabs have very fine stars and would be very costly if entirely natural.  Price to move.
A very nice bright yellow/gold Square Tourmaline is now available as well as a newly faceted gemstone (by the owner of All That Glitters) appears on our Newly Photographed Gemstone Page - 17+ct Square Topaz. 
A 165ct multi-crystal Tourmaline from the Formiga Mine and purchased in 1987 has been photographed and ready for a new home.
The largest Red Burmese Spinel from a parcel has been photographed - weighs in at 1.41cts; smaller than expected as the cutter utilized the shape of the crystal and he did a very good job.  From the side, it has an appearance similar to an old mine/European cut diamond.
Our largest Ruby has a new photograph and more information regarding prices of similar gemstones on the market.  We had an inqiry about this gemstone and the customer was seeking a slightly larger gemstone and had more funds to compensate, but on our inquiry, a similar one weighing about 50pts more (0.50cts) would cost over $80,000 more. 
An inquiry on our 0.63ct GIA Certified Yellow Diamond prompted us to scan the cert and display a link so customers can view the cert.  (This is currently On Hold, but if you have an interest, feel free to contact us)
Two new videos were added - one for the almost 100ct Published Color Change Pink/Lilac/Clear YAG and the unusual Bicolor Opal with the Tiger/Honeycomb Pattern.
Large 200+ct Green Tourmaline Crystal (cluster) from the Famous Cruzeiro Mine
It is here…..Large Scapolite Cab with inclusions - inquiries received already from some of the big players in the mineral world, and a possibility of another publication!  We are waiting to hear back from GIA's Gems and Gemology, though the GIA Gem Lab and AGL replied indicating their surprise as to the displayed phenomenon.
Other items include a Topaz Crystal from Utah, Green Transparent Terminated Tourmaline Crystal from Brasil, Spinels, Tsavorite, Large Burmese Peridot, Tanzanite, Intarsia, Intaglio, Herkimer Diamond with Water and Sand (SOLD!), Color Changing YAG Boule (faceted material from another piece has been Published), Mineral Specimens, Inclusions in Quartz (Fluorite, Lodalite, Pyrite and ?), Opals, Hackmanite, Carved Agate, 4 Peaks Arizona Amethyst, 2 Wonderful versions(sizes) of the Welcome Nugget 1880's Original Tobacco Label available.... Many more gemstones appear on this page as it includes many gemstones that were faceted from our rough a short time ago.

Gemstones in Cutting:
Two Pinkish Beige Topazes are in cutting, as well as some larger Ethiopian Opal.
UPDATE:  One of the Topazes has been completed (see Newly Photographed Gemstones section above) and the other is expected back from one of our local cutters shortly.  The Ethiopian Opal has had some issues due to unforeseen inclusions that we have been forced to cut around, making small pieces.  Also, a unique transparent section of the piece has been faceted vs. cabbed.  Similar to many other pieces of rough Opal or even colored gemstones, this will be a loss for us, but should produce some interested pieces for our customers at our expected low prices.

All That Glitters New Business Card Design!

We are currently expecting new business cards shortly.  We have changed the format that we have had for decades, changing the gold foil logo and have gone with Magenta (like a Hot Sapphire!), changed the text style and format in general and actually have a colored image of gemstones in the lower right hand corner.  The back of the card will display our website address.  Those placing orders in one month or so, should receive this new version.  We hope that you will find it attractive.  Feedback, as always, is appreciated.