Thursday, June 29, 2017

All That Glitters Website and Info Changes for July 2017!

Here are the changes on the All That Glitters Website for July 2017:

This Month's Special:  All That Glitters Faceted Large 38.65ct Synthetic Alexandrite
A very large Synthetic Alexandrite in a fancy custom emerald shape, faceted by the owner of All That Glitters from All That Glitters rough.

This Month's Gem News:   Optical Effects of Phenomenal Cabochons
"The definition of a phenomenon as "an object or aspect known through the senses," according to Webster's dictionary, might explain why some gemstones are called phenomenal. Or it could be because these gems are "exceptional, unusual or abnormal.  In reality, however…"
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Newly Faceted or Photographed Gemstones: 
38+ct Synthetic Alexandrite faceted by the owner of All That Glitters
Fancy U.S. Cut 8+ct Watermelon Oregon Sunstone - Unique in many ways!....
Faceted All That Glitters Rough recently back from one of our expert facetors includes the following:
   34.80ct Ametrine with every cutting style incorporated into one piece!
   Green Sapphire, 3.50ct, Oval - Priced to Move…..
   3.84ct Green (slight blue) Tourmaline Emerald Cut
   3 Large Mahenge Garnets (2 of a Pink variety and 1 of an Orangy color - all sought after
   currently and fetching astronomically high prices for Garnet out there in the retail and
   wholesale market)
   6 Blue (various blues including a Parti-Colored one!) Montana Sapphire
   1 Neony Green Tourmaline
Eight gemstones recently back from GIA and now Certed:
   Padparadscha Oval weighing 1.62cts, wonderful size, color, cutting, clarity
   Padparadscha 1.13ct and 1.41ct, ovals, UNHEATED
   1.51ct Round/Oval Orangy Sapphire
   Glowing Blue/Purple Color Shifting Trilliant 2.47ct UNHEATED Sapphire
   Alexandrite Oval, Bluish Green to Purple, 1.00ct , super piece! 
   1.04ct Fancy Cushion Ruby, UNHEATED
   Elongated Cushion 1.05ct Ruby
Screaming Neon Pink with hint of Orange Mahenge Spinel - large size with good cutting, color, clarity
Mahenge Spinel 1.32ct Oval Spinel - neon reddish pink, very bright as expected from this area
Malaia Garnet Cushion, 3.25ct  (SOLD! - Germany)
Wonderful 7+mm (2.16ct) Glowing Blue Round Ceylon Sapphire - Think Engagement Ring!
Gold or Gold-Plated Coin found in the Sri Lanka Gem Pits, approx 1000+ years old (?)
4.88ct Green Zircon - very good green and transparent  (SOLD!)
Red Spinel Cushion (1.74cts)
Large Medium Seafoam Blue Tourmaline (4+cts) - unique color, shape, cutting
1.65ct Oval Red Vietnamese Spinel - another must see gem in person
Gorgeous Pink-Imperial Zircon weighing 4.39cts in a fancy squarish cushion shape
A greenish blue 2.34ct UNHEATED Sapphire (Certed) - very unique in color
Certed Cobalt (Blue) Spinel weighing 1.46ct  - unusual to be certed
49+ct Sculpted Oregon Sunstone with Heavy Schiller, Major/Important Piece - Dalan Hargraves, Artist
Quartz with interesting growth of reddish brown crystals
Indonesian Agate with double eye
Custom Framed Ural Mountains (Russia) Mineral Slab - natural design of various colors
Blue Terminated Tourmaline Crystal sitting on Smoky Quartz Crystal - Cruzeiro Mine, Brasil
Large 440+ct Epidote Crystals in Clear Quartz - great for a curio cabinet or paperweight for a desk
Beautiful Greenish Blue Transparent Tourmaline Crystal from a famous Mozambique locality
Wonderful Yellow Diamond-Like Zircon with super fire, cutting, etc. weighing 4.39cts (SOLD!)
Gorgeous Pink-Imperial Zircon weighing 6.29cts in a fancy squarish cushion shape
(Pink Zircon above is a K-I-L-L-E-R)

Gemstones in Cutting:
Our specialist in concave cutting has 2 more Ametrines - these take a week of constant work to complete, and unfortunately get put on the cutters back burner so he can work on quicker items.  Therefore, may be many months before one is completed.  Currently have been waiting for over 6 months.