Thursday, July 30, 2009

All That Glitters Website and Info Changes for August 2009

Here are the changes to look for on the All That Glitters website for August 2009:

This Months Special: Paudarco Amethyst/Diamond/14kt Gold Ring

This Months Gem News: Fooled Again!....Story of 'another' on-line gemstone purchase...Photo Enhancement - Beware!
Again, we have seen some gemstones online which seem unique or rare for speciesand we have actually purchased them. Unfortunately, the colors are so far off due to photo manipulation, that one would not recognize the piece. Learn more about our experiences, which actually don't differ at all from what you will discover online for yourself!

Newly Faceted or Photographed Gemstones:
Large 9+ct Color Change Diaspore faceted by our award winning master cutter!; A larger than expected Benitoite (California); Tourmaline from Sri Lanka; neony blue green Tourmaline Square; two sets of matched Watermelon Slices; Matched par of large Brasilian Citrines; Purple Cuprian Tourmaline, Ametrine, Intarsia Boxes and Much Much More!....

All That Glitters Current Inventory of our Available Published Gemstones
View All That Glitters Gemstones that have appeared in Books, Magazines and Articles and that are available for purchase...

Signed Faberge Jade Letter Opener :
An interesting unique piece with all the right hallmarks. Besides fine Jade, this gem has Rose Cut Diamonds, Enamel and Vermeil (Gold Plated Silver).


Sell Your Gold for Cash!:
For a limited time, we are offering our customers the opportunity to sell their unwanted, unused or broken gold jewelry.
Learn More:

Future Page:
All That Glitters is currently working on and collecting photos that will become part of a permanent page online. This page will be dedicated to our gemstones that have been set by award winning goldsmiths and by those in the public who have taken our gemstones to local stores to be set. After your gemstone purchase from All That Glitters, if you would like to share your jewelry photos with us, please send a good photo and we will attempt to post on our website!

Comment from a person within a well known West Coast Gem/Jewelry Business:
In economic good times, people buy high end jewelry/gemstones for self adornment. In bad economic times, the same jewelry/gemstones will be purchased, but in this case, as a hard asset for an uncertain future...

Signed Faberge Jade Letter Opener

An interesting unique piece with all the right hallmarks. Could have been made by Alexander Tillander, workmaster for Faberge, during the reign of the last czar of Russia, Nicholas II. There is also another workmaster with initials AT, but he typically worked on smaller items such as jewlery, medals, etc.

Whether truly made in a workshop for Faberge, this piece does have fine Jade, Rose Cut Diamonds, Enamel and Vermeil (Gold Plated Silver), and certainly has a value based on these factors, not to mention that it could have some age.

< Faberge Jade Letter Opener >

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fooled Again - Story of 'another' on-line Gemstone Purchase

Photo Enhancement by some companies create colors that don't exist in natural gemstones and have no resemblance to the original color.....So don't be surprised if the gemstone you purchase on many websites, is not what you expect when you open that package!...
< Fooled Again >

Turn Unwanted/Unused/Broken Gold Jewelry into CASH!

All That Glitters is not Gold, but you can turn YOUR Gold into CASH!...

Having been in the gemstone/jewelry trade for over quarter of a century,
All That Glitters has contacts to all aspects of this business, and that includes gold smelters. Our customers have asked whether we can help them turn their old unused, unwanted and broken gold into cash. Though not something we normally do, we are now offering, and perhaps for a
limited time, the opportunity for our customers and others to do just that - Turn Your Gold into Cash.

We will take in your Gold and send you the proceeds so that unwanted/unusued/broken jewelry such as estate pieces that are just languishing in drawers, pieces of gold chain that are kinked or broken, jewelry that will never or is rarely worn, can be turned into cash to make desirable or necessary purchases. No need to have readily available cash on hand, but unclaimed, sitting in drawers, especially when gold has been quite high and there is no certainty that gold will remain high. It could even return to lows of $250 per ounce at any time. One never knows...

We will collect gold over a timeframe and when we finally have enough to send to the smelters, we will do so. You will not have to wait for your funds, as we will pay right up front at the close of the previous days gold price. Hopefully, when we have sent the gold to the smelters so that we finally are paid, the price will not have dropped too much, as if it does, our time and energy, as well as funds invested, will be a loss.

Note that we will be attempting to pay about 5% more than local pawn shops, jewelry stores, etc.

How does it work?

1.) Send a description via email to us on what you have available - this would be
descriptions describing the length of chains, rings, karat purity, how many
pieces, etc. Note that if you have just one ring or a chain, it will not be
worthwhile for you to pay for shipping to us, unless the ring/chain are VERY
heavy. We will give you our opinion on whether it is worth it for you to send to
us for further processing. (refer to email address below)

2.) If we request for you to send us your gold, we will photograph the items

3.) Items will be weighed - sorted by karat.

4.) The gold will be tested for purity and accurate karat gold markings.

5.) Calculations will be made based on weight, purity and the closing cost of gold
the previous day that your order is processed.

6.) We will contact you via email to tell you of our calculations and what you would
receive for your gold.

7.) If you OK the determined value of your gold, we will cut a check and mail it the
following day. If you do not OK the value, your gold will be returned to you.

8.) If you have any items with gemstones, you might want to try to remove them if
you wish to keep them. Many pieces of jewelry (purchased in retails stores)
with gemstones and small diamonds have a very small value, and are usually just
smelted down along with the gold. Many times the cost of removing
commerical gemstones and diamonds is greater in time/effort than the value of
the item! Custom pieces typically use more costly gemstones and higher quality
diamonds (and possibly larger ones too). We can attempt to remove valuable
gemstones and return them to you, or possibly make an offer for them should
you wish to sell them. Currently, there is a glut of small commercial or
promotional grade diamonds because of all the gold jewelry being melted down.

Please note the following:

14kt gold contains only 58% gold - so an ounce of 14kt gold only contains about half an ounce of PURE gold.

14kt gold is frequently what is called Plumb Gold and is actually about 13.5% gold and therefore, even less that true 14kt gold.

18kt gold contains approximately 75% gold.

Above 18kt is rare and the higher content gold is usually gold purchased in other countries, such as Asia. All That Glitters brought back gold bracelets from Asia and their gold purity was approximately 23.6kt gold!

Contact us directly at:

Friday, July 03, 2009

All That Glitters Website and Info Changes for July 2009

Here are the changes to look for on the All That Glitters website for July 2009:

This Months Special: Saturated Deep Blue 5x7mm Oval Aquamarines - MATCHED

The title says it all - due to size/color and the fact they are matched, this is truly another unusual, unique item from All That Glitters!

This Months Gem News: Variations of Southern Hospitality - Tales on the Road

Two very different stories encountered by All That Glitters, on the road in NC/SC, and within about 2 hours of each other!

Newly Faceted or Photographed Gemstones:

33 Million Year Old Oregon Leaf Fossil; Purple Cuprian Mozambique Tourmaline;

2 LARGE Purply Magenta Rubellite-like Cuprian (?) Mozambique Tourmaline; Oval Ametrine;

two Natural Yellow Sapphires; Inlaid Intarsia Box with various minerals including Lapis Lazuli;

Black Lacquer Hand-Painted, Sign Russian Box; Parcel of Various Colored Rhodolite Garnets;

Unique Neon Blue Topaz; 2 Wonderful BLUE Tourmalines; 4ct African Rhodolite

===> We have received a number of emails and phone calls, the most recent just prior to sending out our monthly email notice, about the matched pair of Purple Tourmalines from Mozambique. For those who would like to have one of these rare Purple Tourmalines, the Purple Mozzie Tourmaline currently photographed, is a great color and is not overly large, weighing only 1.53ct. A super piece, it will be far less than the larger gems of this color, clarity and cutting, and has a wonderful Amethyst purple. In the future, when our inventory runs out at these low prices, we will be forced to pay the higher prices, and our prices will have to be expotentially higher than they currently are! :-(

All That Glitters Gemstones Appearing in Books/Magazines - Currently Available for Purchase!

Many of our gemstones have appeared in publications such as Gems and Gemology Magazine by GIA, Jewelers Circular Keystone (JCK), Cedar Wings Magazine (published as an in-flight magazine in the Middle East where all photos of gemstones/rough in the article came from the All That Glitters' Inventory!), and many more. A number of gems below are currently scheduled to appear in the second edition of a book on gemstones due out in 2010. There are collectors out there who desire to collect gemstones that have been published and seen throughout the world. Many people enjoy sharing their personal gemstone treasures with others, whether it is an unset gemstone in a collection or set into a piece of fine jewelry. It is a thrill for most to open a book or magazine and show a photograph of the very gemstone that they are showing to someone! Though All That Glitters gemstones are very often unique and rare due to size, color, clarity, polish and cutting, a few are even more special because they can be found in international publications. They are very much like a work of fine art which is known to belong to a museum - in this case, they may not only be found in some museums, but perhaps in your home or the home perhaps next door to you!

Many of the prices below are more in line with a retail price vs. a gemstone that has been published. A retail estimate is difficult to determine on many of All That Glitters gemstones, because they are typically very unique due to size, cutting, clarity, color, etc. As one famous jewelery stated before - All That Glitters gemstones are "so exclusive and one of a kind, that our customers would not be able to "price shop". Visiting another business and finding a similar gemstone is impossible."
Pricing has been based on the normal wholesale with an added percentage due to the publication of the photo. Overall, the prices are very far below where one would expect them to be, and may change at any time.

A number of the gemstones below are scheduled to be published. One can purchase these currently and it is hoped that they will be published in the future (2010). If they are indeed published, the new owner will be rewarded handsomely as they will own an even more rare gemstone, as very few gemstones are published in magazines, trade journals, newspapers or least of all, books on gemstones!

See the current inventory of available All That Glitters gemstones that have been or may be published in the future:
< Published ATG Gemstones >

It is not the norm for a business to have so many gemstones published in trade magazines and books, but this is indeed the business of All That Glitters - dealing in Fine Faceted Unique Colored Gemstones!