Thursday, February 28, 2013

All That Glitters Website and Info Changes for March 2013!

Here are the changes to look for on the All That Glitters Website for March 2013:

This Month's Special:   An Incredible Aquamarine Crystal!
A killer Afghani Aquamarine Crystal with some of the original matrix attached at the bottom. This is from a famous locality and also from a famous collector/businessman.

This Month's Gem News:   Ethiopia to Ban Export of Rough Opal
There has been talk for some time that Ethiopia would ban the export of rough Opal, keeping the material in their country to be fashioned locally.  When this happens, expect pricing to increase across the board.

Newly Faceted or Photographed Gemstones: 
Faceted Gems:  The largest and one of the finest Tsavorites we have had in over 30 years - a 3.10ct beauty!
A 5x7mm Emerald Cut NATURAL Green Sapphire - a sweet piece as they say….
Approximately 9 Minerals Specimens including:  Tourmaline on matrix, Quartz Geode with Tourmaline Slices, Smoky Quartz Crystals with wonderful inclusions, an incredible Afghani Aquamarine Crystal from a famous collector/business, 2 unusual Agate slices, fine group of Amethyst Cactus (also called Amethyst Stalagtites) and a Mexican Amethyst Crystal Specimen.
Jewelry:  Three Gibeon Meteorite Pendants
Other:  Two LARGE Swedish Meteorite Cubes weighing over 500 grams and 1000 grams - custom etched!
A large landscape Intarsia with fossilized algae - signed and numbered by the artist.

Gemstones in Cutting:
Nothing currently with the exception of custom faceted gems for one of our customers.

Tucson Show:
Prices are up up up and up!

Auction House to sell All That Glitters' Alexandrite?:
The incredible 2.07ct Natural Certed Alexandrite in inventory is under discussion with a well known auction house on the West Coast as a potential item in an upcoming auction.  A custom design has been chosen of 18kt White Gold with F-G/VS Diamonds.  When completed perhaps in May, it will may be scheduled for display in Los Angeles, Paris and Hong Kong prior to sale.  See a photo of what the piece may look like when completed!
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News from Abroad: 
Prices of gemstones continue to climb and mining is increasing, saving many mines that had closed or scaled back over the past several years due to the costs of mining and the world economy.  However, with renewed interest from Brasil and China, as well as other countries, it is now economically feasible to continue to mine as prices of gemstones firm up and rise.