Thursday, May 29, 2014

All That Glitters Website and Info Changes for June 2014!

Here are the changes to look for on the All That Glitters Website for June 2014!:

This Month's Special:  Uniquely Blue, Blue Topaz, 3+ct Pear!                                                                    Old stock from the 1980's.  Price includes shipping/insurance via Priority USPS Box.

This Month's Gem News:  Chinese Continue Purchasing Fine Quality Gemstones/Burma Embargo May Continue

Newly Faceted or Photographed Gemstones:
Large 200+ct Green Tourmaline Crystal (cluster) from the Famous Cruzeiro Mine
New Arrival:  Natural Blue Spinel - Certed!  (SOLD!)
Anticipated Arrival:  It is here…..Large Scapolite Cab with inclusions - inquiries received already from some of the big players in the mineral world, and a possibility of another publication!  We are waiting to hear back from GIA.
Topaz Crystal from Utah, Green Transparent Terminated Tourmaline Crystal from Brasil, Spinels, Tsavorite, Large Burmese Peridot, Tanzanite, Intarsia, Intaglio, Herkimer Diamond with Water and Sand (SOLD!), Color Changing YAG Boule (faceted material from another piece has been Published), Mineral Specimens, Inclusions in Quartz (Fluorite, Lodalite, Pyrite and ?), Opals, Hackmanite, Carved Agate, 4 Peaks Arizona Amethyst, 2 Wonderful versions(sizes) of the Welcome Nugget 1880's Original Tobacco Label available.... Many more gemstones appear on this page as it includes many gemstones that were faceted from our rough a short time ago

Gemstones in Cutting:
Two Pinkish Beige Topazes are in cutting, as well as some larger Ethiopian Opal.

All That Glitters In The News:
We understand from one of our customers in the United Kingdom, that our large faceted Kyanite was published in a gemology related trade publication.  Several interesting pieces of All That Glitters were photographed impromptu
while in Tucson by a member representing The Gemological Association of Great Britain.  The group of three ooohh-ed and aaahh-ed over all the items shown from the All That Glitters Collection.  We are waiting to receive a copy of their publication and had hoped for a link to share with our customers, but that link is proprietary and requires a username/password.  We have received a few copies of the magazine and scanned the related section related to the Color Change YAG.  We did not scan the image of the Kyanite as it is sold, but you can still see this wonderful Kyanite and smaller Kyanites (also published in a book on gemstones previously) on the links below.
Read/view available information on the following links:
Large Sapphire-like Kyanite:  <  Kyanite  >
Approx 100ct Color Change YAG (pink/lilac/clear):  <  CC YAG >

All That Glitters Customers Set their Gemstones into Custom Jewelry:
Two more customers have shared their jewelry creations recently.  Even if one is unfamiliar with jewelry, one will probably recognize craftmanship and quality.  Many of our customers have used well-known goldsmiths to create the appropiate mountings for their Fine All That Glitters Gemstones - Quality Gemstones deserve Quality Mountings!   <  Custom Jewelry Created with ATG Gems!  >