Saturday, March 30, 2019

All That Glitters Website and Info Changes for April 2019!

Here are the changes on the All That Glitters Website for April 2019:

This Month's Special:  Photographed Page!

This Months Gem News:   GIA’s Gems and Gemology Magazine  - Inclusion Articles
Gemstones with unique inclusions or aesthetically pleasing/beautiful inclusions have always been of interest to the collector or those
who can appreciate naturally created beauty.  Inclusions in gems/minerals might be interesting, but they may not add any value to the host – it is only when there is something that is aesthetically pleasing, beautiful, perhaps well-formed needles/crystals, rare, etc. that the value of the piece then increases.  Some types of inclusions and their host minerals are seen in a few examples, as noted in the Gems & Gemology articles found on our Monthly News Page.
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Newly Faceted or Newly Photographed Gemstones: 
Large just under 7ct U.S. Faceted, Mint Merelani Garnet
Montana Sapphire, bluish green in color, elongated emerald cut, faceted in the U.S.
Alexandrite – Brasilian
Two Ametrines are back from our cutters, with one have a ‘double bubble’ created in the very center - (Under Consideration – Jewelry Manufacturer/Designer)
Andalusite – small old parcel with good color
Aquamarine Parcel, Matched Pieces (Under Consideration – Jewelry Manufacturer/Designer)
Garnet – large color shifting from various greens to various purples -  super colors under more than one source!
Quartz - Included
Sapphire – unique orange or salmon, green (2), purple (2), bubble gum pink, Montana Sapphire, Parti-Colored Slice
Spinel – purply blue (Madagascar Origin; Under Consideration - Singapore)
Spinel - unique reddish orange from Vietnam
Topaz – large wonderful orangy sherry color
Tourmaline – Trapiche from Zambia
Tsavorite – super glowing green large round (Under Consideration – Jewelry Manufacturer/Designer)
Zircon – Deep Blue  (Under Consideration – Jewelry Manufacturer/Designer)

Specimens include:
Agate – Cube from Russia (beautiful and a must see!)
Meteorite – 5mm etched cube weighing 998 grams (essentially 1 kilogram, 2.25 lbs!)  (Destined for an auction)
Skarn – Fantastic natural skarn framed slab from Russia (40 yo find); looks like a drawing or sketch!
Tourmaline, 1 crystal and one terminated quartz with green/blue tourmaline crystals/segments

Rough – Behind the scenes and to be cut in the future:
Color Shift/Change Garnets – unique colors
Mint Merelani Garnet – FACETED!
Large Unique Grossular Garnets, slight color shift
Montana Sapphire (greenish) – FACETED!

Carnelian Seal – wonderful chariot scene with Greek Aegean Star (possibly a former pendant)
Agate Cylinder Seal  - one of the largest we have ever seen with incredible well designed/incised hunting scene - Important!
Roman Seal (Hercules) – believe to be clear/grey Agate and could have originally been in a ring
Roman Bronze depicting what looks like an athlete possibly in a shot put competition (said to be Cupid)

Gemstones Being Certed by GIA:
We currently have the following gemstones in the CA Gem Lab of GIA being certed:
Alexandrite, Color Change Garnet, possible Ruby, possible Padparadscha – when we say possible, that is because it will be up to GIA to
determine whether they are indeed Ruby and Pad vs. Sapphire, as these two gem species are determined by color and color is
determined/based on lighting and wavelengths present.  The GIA Lab has these correct lights and will make a determination in the near future….
Gemstones in Cutting:
We have two large 100ct Oregon Sunstones that will be carved and/or cut by the multi-award winning cutter, Dalan Hargrave.  Dalan has reached out to us recently to indicate his thoughts on how he would approach the cutting of each piece, and we hope that these pieces will be as beautiful as his past pieces – many destined to be in major collections and museums.  We gave him the thumbs up to begin working his magic, and some of his pieces are indeed magical!  We are currently awaiting the results. 
Some small uniquely colored garnets are being faceted a well as a few Blue Flash Amethyst – should be back in a month or so…

Back from the Cutters:
One of our U.S. cutters of distinction continues to produce a few beauties from the rough we send him, though he typically doesn’t have the time to cut for us on a regular basis.  This time, an incredible Mint Merelani Garnet (Grossular) of just under 7cts has recently returned, as well as a 2.42ct elongated emerald cut Montana Sapphire of a blue/green color.  These Mint Merelanis have been incredibly popular due to the brilliance, unique color in the gemstone world, hints of dispersion and prices can be quite high.  One of our friends/associates faceted a very large one back about 15 years ago and it wholesaled at $90,000.  We saw a 3.15ct elongated cushion in Tucson wholesaling at about $1500/ct, which in todays market is very decent price.  We know of a 1.6+ct round in NYC and their retail price is about $2500/ct.  This newly faceted large Mint Merelani is priced to move at the typical  All That Glitters low low price – check it out on our Newly Photographed page or our main Garnet page – note that the Mint Merelani is related to Tsavorite Garnet.