Saturday, February 25, 2006

Newly Added Gemstone Photos

Matched Pair of 6x4mm oval Burmese Spinel

Large Rhodolite Colored Spinel (Burma)

Large Green Spodumene (Madagascar)

Color Change Garnet - smoky orange to bright orange

Green Sapphire

Pink Tourmaline with a Watermelon Slice ghost image!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Industry Analysis: Gemstone Report (Feb 2006)

As reported by GIA in February 2006, the prices for many types of gemstones are soaring.
We have seen this in previous years also. The purchase of rough one year can cost two times the cost of the previous year, and produce gemstones of smaller size and less desirable color. Gemstones faceted from the previous rough could therefore be priced far below current wholesale prices (replacement cost). This has been a problem that All That Glitters deals with on an annual basis - many of our gemstones are sold at or below the current wholesale cost to replace. It is a struggle to purchase the best rough at the best price when more countries within the world begin to seek out gemstones that they had not purchased in the past. Though most companies deal with the lower quality gemstones, the high quality gemstone prices do follow suit but hold their value in down markets or flooded markets. Some collectors and investors who had made purchases from All That Glitters in just the past one to two years, have seen their investment increase dramatically due to the increase of wholesale replacement costs.

Friday, February 17, 2006

New "Learn More" Link to be Added

Eighteen gemstone photographs from All That Glitters are featured in Cedar Wings Magazine of Feb-March 2006. Along with the photographs, one will find information pertaining to a number of different gemstones. This is a good resource, and therefore, a new link to this article will be created on the All That Glitters "Learn More" page.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Diaspore Matched Pair!

Our first pair of matched Diaspores have just come out of our cutters. These 7mm squares were faceted by one of our U.S. Cutters. Check out our newly photographed gemstone page to see them. They will also appear on the Diaspore Photos Page also...