Thursday, September 27, 2012

All That Glitters Website and Info Changes for October 2012!

Here are the changes to look for on the All That Glitters Website for October 2012:

This Month's Special:   3.33ct Oval Tanzanite
A really nice fine Tanzanite of good color, cutting and clarity and at an extremely low price!
Further below, you can read the news from abroad - Wholesale Prices of Gemstones are Increasing.  (Wholesale Tanzanite prices are up about 30% over last year)

This Month's Gem News:   Gem Labs and Appraisals - Isn't as Simple or Straight Forward at Times
It is very disheartening to hear what some people encounter when they visit labs for identification as well as visiting various appraisers, where values are literally across the board…

Newly Faceted or Photographed Gemstones: 
The third Kunzite faceted from our museum quality specimen, originating from a famous California mine, is off of our Award Winning Supreme Master Gem Cutters dop.  It is a medium to fairly deep pink, with some blue under the right lights The shape is a custom kite design and would make an extravagant pendant.
A 5+ct Oval Pau D'Arco Amethyst has been photographed after being in our vaults for about 25 years.  This material has a blue secondary color and is a nice saturated purple.  Some believe it is the finest Amethyst available; a favorite of ours too!
A nice sized round Nigerian Tourmaline faceted by one of our local cutters, as well as a really fine Star Corundum and a green Mozambique Tourmaline Trilliant appear on our Newly Photographed page with dimensions, as requested by some of our customers.
An Oregon Sunstone specimen on matrix has been photographed; one can see a nice red as well as schiller within the crystal segment that appears on the matrix where it formed millions of years ago in volcanic surroundings.
One of our customers is selling her custom faceted Synthetic Alexandrite.  This is a huge gem and could be one of the largest gemstones of this material every faceted.  Contact us for more information.

All That Glitters in the News!!!
The owner of All That Glitters, Mr. Brown, was recently contacted by an individual who has a blog related to gemstones, and asked whether he would be interested in writing an article for the blog.  The topic eventually decided on - 8 Tips on Purchasing Fine Gemstones Online.
Also, another website that deals with color, contacted Mr. Brown about the interesting Bicolor Demantoid Garnet that GIA recently had certed.  An article on this gemstone appears on the the GemeWizard Website on the following page:
<  Multi-colored andradite, or possibly demantoid?  >   If one calls it a Bicolor Demantoid, there is more of a likelihood that one would understand what this gem entails; whereas if called a Bicolor or Mulicolored Andradite, most people on the retail side or even within the gem trade, might not have any idea of the gem species involved.
It was even certed as a Demantoid from one gem lab - whatever one wishes to call it, it is an oddity and rare.
You can see our photos of this piece along with the certs on the following page:   

Gemstones in Cutting:
We are continuing to facet that gorgeous Natural Kunzite Crystal from the Big Kahuna area of the Oceanview Mine!
Will be some incredibly intense colors in these gems when faceted.  Of course, our Award Winning Master Cutter is the only choice to facet these important gemstones.  We anticipate some of the finest Kunzite ever seen, with a color that is a bluish purple pink.  It should stabilize to a deep pink, but Kunzite is known as an evening gemstone; keep it out of the sun and bright lights, and the color is pretty much stabile.  Irradiated Kunzite being sold by Brasilians, was selling at $200/ct wholesale for dark pinks.  We should be able to provide better color, gems in smaller sizes and the BEST cutting available, as our Master Cutter is doing the faceting!
==>  The fourth and final gemstone of the above mentioned crystal is currently being faceted.  Once finished, our cutter will send it back and we will post it on our Newly Photographed page as well as our Kunzite page.

News from Abroad:
Tourmaline prices are on the rise, but then again, what gemstone currently isn't, especially if they are the finer colors, sizes, etc. which is what All That Glitters is known for...
Email from Africa:  "Yes prices - certainly Tourmaline - have shot up considerably and not sure if the will stabilise or come down in the near future as South Americans and chinese are buying everything...
Just about everything in Tourmaline has increased except for possibly brown yellow stuff from Tanzania Dravite. Blues are probably the most highly priced and still very sought after. Thereafter hot reds and pinks, apple greens. Paraiba is almost unheard of and prices unbelievable. I think Tourmaline is in short supply right now so if the color is good anything above 1gm is in demand."
The above quote is for rough, and 1 gram when cut will be about a 1ct finished gemstone.
Email from Thailand:  "Good Tourmaline is up...Rubelite...Blue...Blue Pink....(prices) 3 years ago" are now 5 times higher.
All That Glitters Advice - Buy Now!!
Also, wholesale Tanzanite prices are up about 30% over last year. Don’t Miss our old stock and old prices – some really fine pieces available.