Tuesday, February 28, 2012

All That Glitters Website and Info Changes for March 2012!

Here are the changes to look for on the All That Glitters Website for March 2012:

This Months Special: 6 Pieces of Faceted Zircon - 12.09cts
6 pieces totaling 12.09cts - Beige, Rosy, Orangy, Yellowish, Burnt Pink Tanzanian Zircon. Selling off a parcel below cost.

This Months Gem News: All That Glitters Invited for Personal Tour of the OceanView Mine
Our contacting the Smithsonian, the San Diego Museum of Natural History, as well as the Carnagie Museum regarding our important faceted gemstone from the Famous Big Kahuna II Pocket of the OceanView Mine,prompted emails to fly through cyberspace as people were checking to verify that this gemstone and ourbusiness were on the up and up as they say. This put the OceanView Mine Owner and Salesman direclty into contact with All That Glitters. An expected short conversation ended up lasting an hour, and by the end of that phone call, the owner of All That Glitters was invited to have a personal and private tour of the OceanView and the adjacent mine! (and though museums would love to have a U.S. gemstone from a famous mine/pocket and faceted by an award wining cutter, they tend to request 'donations')

Newly Faceted or Photographed Gemstones:
3 Nice Ying Yang Jaspers - Been looking for sometime but prices were too high on any found
Rare Find of Agatized/Fossilited Bamboo or Reed segments
Large Burmese Peridot
1.70ct Fine Red Unheated Ruby
Large Reddish Pink/Salmon Spinel
Super Dispersive Diamond-like Grossular Andradite Round Garnet
Matched Pair of 13x9mm Oval Gold in Quartz
Wonderful Pinfire Opal and Unique Dark Banded Opal
Oregon Opal with Humpback Whale Carving
2 Great Tanzanite Crystals, one being incredibly clean
Two Doubly Terminated Quartz Clusters with OIL! (as seen in Gems and Gemology GIA article)
Purple Sapphire Crystal on Matrix - Great Luster
Two Cabs of Fine Blue Pietersite
35+ct Clean Yellow Beryl Crystal with Super Etching
Large 1100+ct Terminated Tourmaline Crystal Cluster with Terminated Quartz Crystals
3 Pieces of Very Nice Petrified Wood Slices (2 pcs of 7" and one large 14+ inch across)
6 Sets of Gold and Diamond Crystals for Collectors
3 Pieces of Interesting Agate, 2 from Oregon
3 Slices of Amethyst Cactus or what some call Stalagtites
2 Wonderful Tourmaline Specimens
3 Spodume Crystals from both the Pala Chief Mine and OceanView Mine in California
Petrified Wood from Eden Valley (destined to be carved if not sold)
One of a Kind Unique Tektite from China
3 Pieces of Chinese Carved Grape Agate
New Find - Bumblebee Jasper from Indonesia
Large Eclipse Jasper Piece
3 Wonderfully Etched Large Ametrine Crystals from the Anahi Mine
Terminated Yellow Scapolite Crystal
Amethyst Scepter Cluster from famous Indian locality
2 Pendants and 1 Bead consisting of Framed Chinese Chalcedony

Gemstones in Cutting:
We are faceting an example of an Orange Tourmaline from an associate in Africa as well as two pieces of Calfornia Stewart Mine Tourmaline (sure to be of interest for those who seek CA or US gemstones!)

New Pages!
We have broken up the Other category in the Photo Gallery, to be Minerals/Specimens and Other items. Minerals/Specimens will be just that. Other Items are related to Natural History items including Antiquies and pieces that pertain to the gem trade, mining, etc. You can find these new categories and pages on the following page:
A Tourmaline Crystal is the thumbnail photo representing the Minerals/Specimens pages and a Fossil Fish represents the 'Other' pages.

All That Glitters Visit to the Oceanview Mine - Jan 2012!

Every one of our page links on our Photo Gallery Page has an associated thumbnail photo that indicates what one will find on that page. The link next to the the photo of a faceted Tanzanite will bring you to the All That Glitters Tanzanite page, and the link next to the glowing blue faceted Sapphire thumbnail will place you on our Sapphire page, etc. So what does a pink gemstone have to do with a mine in Southern California that sits in the middle of a famous mining area, whose names such as the Tourmaline Queen, the Tourmaline King, The Stewart and others are well known to those who collect minerals and gems? The answer is simple -

This story begins with the owner of All That Glitters meeting up with a California rough dealer in mid-July 2011 at a show in Massachusetts.....

To Read and Learn More, Visit the following page:
ATG Oceanview Mine Vist/Tour >