Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Ebay Seller Feedback Blackmail

In one of the gemstone related threads that we read, we found the following problem that someone has had with an ebay seller of gemstones. As we have said before, Caveat Emptor. Be careful when purchasing items on line or even in stores, as some companies can even make a mistake in this business and not have meant too, though many may be intentional, espeically on line. There are many treatments, synthetics, etc. Insure that you can return items if it is not what it was sold as. All That Glitters has not only a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, but a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!

All That Glitters Guarantees:

Trade Related Thread - ebay Seller Feedback Blackmail and General Dishonesty:

"His eBay id is -----------. (userid removed) Don't know if any of you have ordered from him, but he's got nearly $60 of my money and I have nothing. He even gave me retaliatory feedback after I gave him negative feedback. I currently am trying to get my money back through PayPal. He's got over a thousand negative feedback even though he's got a 97% positive feedback rating. Most of the negative feedback are about problems similar to mine...very, very long shipping times or missing or no items at all. I had a 100% feedback rating until he issued the retaliatory feedback...the worst thing about is that eBay won't remove any of it. He issues retaliatory feedback to try and blackmail buyers into mutual removal of the feedback. A totally immoral seller in my opinion.

He's got great prices and a great selection of jewelry tools, but apparently he's not learned about customer service yet. Another eBay seller who thinks himself invincable."

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Large 4+ct Oval Chrome Tourmaline Due In!

A large bright African Chrome Tourmaline is winging it's way to the United States. This particularly large example of this type of Tourmaline is said to also color shift under different lighting conditions, making this even more extraordinary.

Look for it on our Newly Photographed Gemstones Page!