Wednesday, May 29, 2013

All That Glitters Website and Info Changes for June 2013!

Here are the changes to look for on the All That Glitters Website for June 2013:

This Month's Special:   Imperial Garnet

This Month's Gem News:   Two Wonderful Exhibits at the Same Museum!
Gems of the Medici
The Tsars` Cabinet: Two Hundred Years of Decorative Arts under the Romanovs

Newly Faceted or Photographed Gemstones: 
We have 3 naturally terminated Yellow Beryl (Heliodor) Crystals from Tajikistan, and a wonderfully etched scenic Quartz - a must see!   The Beryl Crystals are due to be cut, so if there is any interest, they can still be saved from the cutter!  (One now has a window added to the front surface - can be worn as a pendant with the etching toward the viewers, or the polished table showing the wonderful artistic natural etching on the back.) 

Gemstones in Cutting:
We are gathering some rough from our vaults to be faceted.  This would include Ethiopian Opal, Opal from Oregon, Red (chrome?) Garnet, Neon Apatite, the Color Change YAG featured in a Gemewizard article recently and possibly Australian Sapphire and beautiful teal Chinese Fluorite!  By the time we assemble the rough, do the paperwork, send it out, receive it back, log it into our database, photograph the pieces, it will most likely be many months….Stay tuned.

Auction House to sell All That Glitters' Alexandrite?:
The incredible 2.07ct Natural Certed Alexandrite in inventory is under discussion with a well-known auction house on the West Coast as a potential item in an upcoming auction.  A custom design has been chosen of 18kt White Gold with F-G/VS Diamonds.  When completed perhaps in May, it will may be scheduled for display in Los Angeles, Paris and Hong Kong prior to sale.