Sunday, October 30, 2016

All That Glitters Website and Info Changes for November 2016!

Here are the changes on the All That Glitters Website for November 2016:

This Month's Special:  10% off Faceted/Cabbed Synthetic Alexandrite
The major supplier of Synthetic Alexandrite sells this material to the trade at $120/ct; it is sold in stores at $360/ct.  Since we obtain our material from the source and facet it ourselves, our pricing has always been way below the existing whosale price - so now, it is  even LOWER!...  This is the only synthetic material we sell, as it is requested in inventory by stores and we have such a sweet price on it, that many customers (whether the public or trade) appreciate the savings.

This Month's Gem News:   Lesedi La Rona-The Diamond of a Lifetime
When the largest rough diamond in more than a hundred years came up for auction at Sotheby’s London on 29 June, it was a major event.
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Newly Faceted or Photographed Gemstones: 
We are VERY excited about two incredibly beautiful, one-of-a-kind Ametrines just came back from our cutter.  We are contemplating entering them into the AGTA Cutting Edge Competition; they are priced behind the scenes prior to the contest opening, should anyone be interested.  Send us an email if you would like to be the new owner!
A large 4.99ct Pear Shaped Chrom Tourmaline as well as a
Uniquely shaped curved, multi-stepped Oregon Sunstone full of Copper Schiller is also back from our specialty cutter - look at the cutting and you will see what these are special.
A 2.97ct Glowing Blue Sapphire with a GIA Cert is available
Our 15+ct Trilliant Amethyst with the Enhydro is back from GIA - it will appear in the Fall Edition of Gems & Gemology Magazine!
Large 2.54ct Orangy Pink (Pad-Colored) Mahenge Spinel
Perhaps our last Grooved Ametrine, in a square shape, with wonderful color separation as well as mixing of color. 
An incredible Grooved Ametrine Round - priced behind the scenes and may be entered into a cutting edge competition.  SOLD!!
Large Herkimer Diamond Cluster with typical contrasting inclusions
Nice Blue Spinel (4.40cts) with crystal inclusions
A 5.05ct Chrome Tourmaline faceted from our rough, by the Multi-Award Winning Dalan Hargrave.  We posted this piece on Facebook as did Dalan - and it has been receiving raves!...  Sign up for our posts on Facebook now:
14.36ct Faceted/Carved and with optical dishes, Oregon Sunstone, re-photographed
2.56ct Concave Faceted Green Blue Tourmaline
3 Wonderfully Colored and Unique Concave Cut Oregon Sunstones!
28+ct Concave Cut Ametrine (On Hold!)
4 variously colored Sri Lankan Spinels (Color Shifter, Blue, Purple and Color Shifting Pink - the large purple oval as well as the color shifting round are On Hold)
True Red Ruby of 0.81cts with IGI Cert/Microfiche has been re-photographed and posted; photos do not do the color or brilliance any justice.
Large Lemurian Quartz Terminated Crystal with etching and orange crystals
Our Stunning Large Round Montana Sapphire is back from GIA with a Cert!
(We have been invited to fly out to Montana with this Sapphire for discussions, as well of a tour of the MT Sapphire Mining areas and to meet those involved in active mining!  It seems that this MT Sapphire is destined to appear in a book devoted to Montana Sapphires - it is currently being photographed by the well-known gemstone photographer, Robert Weldon).
This Montana Sapphire has been photographed and in the future, should be published in an upcoming book on Montana Sapphires authored by a well-known individual in the gem trade who is respected for this vast knowledge of Montana Sapphires.  This gemstone may be sold as we are awaiting approval/acceptance from our customer in Singapore.

Gemstones in Cutting:
One more piece of special Ametrine (Anahi Mine, Bolivia - only place in the world where it comes from and we have known the mine owner for decades) has been finished.  (We know the mine owner and he is currently hand picking more uniquely zoned Ametrine rough for us!)  This most recently completed Ametrine is an oval and is over 45cts.  The cutting style is concave cut and not the grooved we have been doing.  It takes our cutter about 5-7 days to complete a large gemstone in the grooved style - it is costly, as you can imagine, and due to the pressure required to cut and polish, he is due for shoulder surgery in November.  Due to the time, cost and other issues, we may not be able to create larger gemstones in the grooved cutting style.  Our past pricing of this material has been quite low considering the cost to cut as well as the unique special rough that is we are known for.  Also, a Chrome Tourmaline and Oregon Sunstone (with schiller) are just back from our specialty cutter.

More All That Glitters Gemstones to be Studied at GIA:
Our Faceted Moroccan Amethyst with the Enhydro will be in Gems & Gemology Magazine, the International Gem News section, of the upcoming Fall 2016 issue, which will mailed from GIA at the end of October. This should also be available on-line to view.

Welcome to New Customers:
We have added a number of new international customers to the All That Glitters Family this month, from countries including - Switzerland, France, Singapore and China!