Wednesday, August 31, 2011

All That Glitters Website and Info Changes for September 2011!

The Latest All That Glitters Website News for September 2011 includes the following:

Monthly Special: 4+ct Greenish Yellow Cats Eye Tourmaline!

Monthly News:
OceanView Mine Big Kahuna II Kunzite in Cutting

Newly Photographed:
Two Doubly Terminated Spodumene Crystals

6.4mm, 1.23ct Wonderfully Colored Round Blue Sapphire
Clear Quartz with Hedenbergite crystals in a starburst like pattern
Framed Moss Agate sections - looks like stained glass when held up
Canadian Ammolite Pieces
780+ct Malachite with Chrysocolla mineral specimen from Zaire
Moldavite from Benednice frequently called a 'hedgehog' due to structure
Ethiopian Opals
Blue-Green Brasilian Bi-Color Tourmaline
2.94ct Round US Faceted Fuchia Tourmaline (old stock - Nigeria)
2.27ct Very Dispersive Greenish Yellow Sphene, U.S. Faceted
==> In cutting, an OceanView Mine Big Kahuna II CA Kunzite
(see this Months News!)