Monday, August 29, 2016

All That Glitters Website and Info Changes for September 2016!

Here are the changes on the All That Glitters Website for September 2016:

 This Month's Special:  3.10ct Round Mahenge Spinel
A large 3.10ct ROUND Mahenge Purplish Pink (color shifting) Spinel priced under $1000/ct - discovering another eye clean, pinkish, round Mahenge Spinel for anything under $2000+/ct would be quite the find!
This Month's Gem News:   Spinel Gets Another Look
(An interesting article - running it again as this Month's Gem News as our Monthly Special is a Spinel from a Rare Locality!)
"Without a doubt, the jewelry industry is under the spell of spinel."
(Check out our Spinel page for some incredible Gems as well as Prices!
Newly Faceted or Photographed Gemstones: 
An incredible Grooved Ametrine Round - priced behind the scenes but not sure if we will sell it as it may be entered into a cutting edge competion.
(There is a waiting list for our Grooved Ametrine - a 35ct Emerald Cut was just sold - a few others are coming; if interested, let us know and be put on the waiting/wishing list!)
Large Herkimer Diamond Cluster with typical contrasting inclusions
Nice Blue Spinel (4.40cts) with crystal inclusions
3.10ct Color Shifting Purplish Pink Mahenge Spinel - a steal!
A 5.05ct Chrome Tourmaline faceted from our rough, by the Multi-Award Winning Dalan Hargrave.  We posted this piece on Facebook as did Dalan - and it has been receiving raves!...  Sign up for our posts on Facebook now:
14.36ct Faceted/Carved and with optical dishes, Oregon Sunstone, re-photographed
2.56ct Concave Faceted Green Blue Tourmaline
3 Wonderfully Colored and Unique Concave Cut Oregon Sunstones!
28+ct Concave Cut Ametrine (On Hold!)
4 variously colored Sri Lankan Spinels (Color Shift, Blue, Purple and Color Shifting Pink - one is On Hold)
True Red Ruby of 0.81cts with IGI Cert/Microfiche has been re-photographed and posted; photos do not do the color or brilliance any justice.
Large Lemurian Quartz Terminated Crystal with etching and orange crystals
Our Stunning Large Round Montana Sapphire is back from GIA with a Cert!
(We are not sure if this is sold, but we have been invited to fly out to Montana with the Sapphire for discussions, as well of a tour of the MT Sapphire Mining areas and to meet those involved in active mining!)
Gemstones in Cutting:
3 more pieces of special Ametrine (Anahi Mine, Bolivia - only place in the world where it comes from and we have known the mine owner for decades), Chrome Tourmaline, Sunstone (with schiller) and Color Shifting Turkish Diaspore (being studied and uncertain if it will actually be cut) are currently in the possession of our cutter and will become available when completed.  These will be concave/grooved gems when finished.