Monday, May 01, 2006

Another On-Line Disappointment

We had hoped that a very large fine Chrome Tourmaline was soon to be added to the All That Glitters inventory. Alas, because we only saw photographs and not the actual gemstone, when we received it, it is as we had expected, too dark and lifeless. We will be sending it back to its country of origin and not offering it to our customers - it is not anywhere near the All That Glitters quality that we seek.

We can tell if a gemstone is of fine quality in miliseconds by looking at the cut, clarity and color. If the faceted stone passes this test, then the pricing comes into play. However, unlike our normal purchasing which we do in person, photos may not show everything or the stone could have been photographed under very bright lights which make it look better than it actually is, or in a worse case scenario, the photo has been enhanced to make the gemstone look far better than it actually is in person.

This dark, almost black gemstone will not be offered to our customers regardless of the price.