Saturday, June 29, 2019

All That Glitters Website and Info Changes for July 2019!

Here are the changes on the All That Glitters Website for July 2019:
This Month's Special:  
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This Month’s Gem News:   Become ENGAGED with COLOR!
“More and more couples are choosing colored gemstone rings for their personal commitment to each other…”
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Newly Faceted or Newly Photographed Gemstones: 
Large Absolutely Killer 32+ct Ametrine just in from one of our Specialty Cutters. Working on obtaining photos to post….
Three beautiful pieces of included quartz, with green star-like crystal formations – some of these seem to have been dusted with another white and beige mineral!
Two incredibly beautiful, intricate 18kt White Gold Rings have been custom created and are described below:
   GIA Certed Pad surrounded by Diamonds,flanked by Glowing Blue Sapphires/Pad-like Sapphires in 18kt White Gold – This Months Special!
   Montana Sapphire surrounded by White Sapphire and Matching Blue Sapphire Melee in 18kt White Gold – This Months Special!
Recently GIA Certed Fine Gems:
   Alexandrite – Brasilian  (Hope to see a jewelry manufacturer/designer and will show this piece to them; may be gone shortly!...)
   Color Change Garnet – large, changing from various greens to various purples -  super colors under more than one source!
   Ruby – 1.25ct described as a Purplish Red
   Sapphire - unique pink/salmon depending on available lights/wavelengths
Three Blue Flash Amethysts  (Under Consideration – Awaiting their arrival and approval in the UK)
Fancy Uniquely Colored Small Garnets are back from the cutters (no photos currently as it is very difficult to capture the true color of these pieces.  Contact us if interested.)
Large,  just under 7ct U.S. Faceted, Mint Merelani Garnet
Montana Sapphire, bluish green to green in color, elongated emerald cut, faceted in the U.S.
Two Ametrines are back from our cutters, with one have a ‘double bubble’ created in the very center - (SOLD!)
Andalusite – small old parcel with good color  (SOLD!)
Aquamarine Parcel, Matched Pieces (SOLD!)
Quartz - Included      
Sapphire –Green (2), Purple (2), Neony Bubble Gum Pink (Certed), Montana Sapphire, Parti-Colored Slice
Spinel – large purply blue or bluish purple (Madagascar Origin; on hold, but available in a month or so)
Spinel - unique reddish orange from Vietnam
Topaz – large wonderful orangy sherry color (unheated)
Tourmaline – Trapiche from Zambia  (SOLD!)
Tsavorite – super glowing green large round (SOLD!)
Zircon – Deep Blue  (SOLD!)

Specimens include:
Agate – Cube from Russia (beautiful and a must see! – West Coast Office only and not available until the end of the year)
Skarn – Fantastic natural skarn framed slab from Russia (40 yo find); looks like a drawing or sketch!
Tourmaline, 1 crystal and one terminated quartz with green/blue tourmaline crystals/segments

Carnelian Seal – wonderful chariot scene with Greek Aegean Star (possibly a former pendant)
Agate Cylinder Seal  - one of the largest we have ever seen with incredible well designed/incised hunting scene - Important!
Roman Seal (Hercules) – believe to be clear/grey Agate and could have originally been in a ring
Roman Bronze depicting what looks like an athlete possibly in a shot put competition (said to be Cupid)

We have created a Close Out Page where some items may be posted at times.  Typically older material that may not have seen the light of day
for a few decades – check it out at times!  Prices may not be listed at times and a fair offer will be considered.
Gemstones in Cutting:
We have two large Ametrines, an Aquamarine, a Blue Flash Amethyst and a Purply Garnet all in cutting – two different U.S. Cutters.
The Aquamarine and Amethyst have been completed and we are waiting on the Garnet.  The two Ametrines are currently in queue to be started.
Two more Ametrines and a Blue Flash Amethyst are also on the hands of the cutter who recently finished the 32+ct just back.  Just a matter of time….
We have two large 100ct Oregon Sunstones that will be carved and/or cut by the multi-award winning cutter, Dalan Hargrave.  Dalan has reached out to us recently to indicate his thoughts on how he would approach the cutting of each piece, and we hope that these pieces will be as beautiful as his past pieces – many destined to be in major collections and museums.  We gave him the thumbs up to begin working his magic, and some of his pieces are indeed magical!  We are currently awaiting the results.  So far, it is a year, but these things take time.


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