Monday, October 29, 2018

All That Glitters Website and Info Changes for November 2018!

Here are the changes on the All That Glitters Website for November 2018:

This Month's Special:  

This Month's Gem News:   World's Most Expensive Coloured Gem Sells for $30M
The Sunrise Ruby has become the world's most expensive coloured gemstone, selling for $30M at auction…
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Newly Faceted or Photographed Gemstones:
An incredible 40+ct Ametrine, flat faceted in a specially designed unique cut which shows off many colors by a cutter known for cutting quartz! (Under Consideration!)
Second Chance at a wonderfully etched meteorite on one side and the naturally occurring original surface on the other (removed from website – see below)
(Will be auctioned off shortly with other meteorites and coincides with the Neil Armstrong auction – contact us for more info if interested!)
Two Certed 3+ Spinels, one being a purply rose and the other more of a purple – both priced to move… (and NOW this Months Special!)
We have 4 U.S. Faceted Umbalite Garnets, two squares, one square cushion, one round, all with the same properties:  depending on the lights, the color can be burgundy wine, ruby red or magenta.  We haven’t been able to obtain really good photos of these pieces.  Two of these do appear on the website.
Weights range from 3+cts to 6+cts and are priced at $100/ct. A very low price for unique color shifting that we haven’t seen before.
Gemstones in Cutting:
We have two large 100ct Oregon Sunstones that will be carved and/or cut by the multi-award winning cutter, Dalan Hargrave. 
These should be available with the next few months.
Many have really drooled over the flat faceted Ametrines recently faceted by one of our cutters, and this standard faceting is less expensive than concaving. 
Another one is currently in cutting – we know it will be a pentagon, a perfect shape for a pendant!  Should be available by early Nov, but might not be in our hands until mid-November when we are settled in our West Coast office for the winter.  We have also given a new cutter another piece of this material to see what his thoughts are and what he feels can do with the material.  If all goes well, we will have him facet this piece and will offer it to our customers in mid-November also.  He is another extremely talented cutter and we hope to utilize his services in the future with other rough we have or will obtain in the future.

All That Glitters LARGE Ruby Photographed:
The talented Gemstone/Mineral Photographer Jeffrey A. Scovil, while set up at the Big E in Springfield, MA (08/10/18), photographed our incredible 5.67ct, GIA Certified UNHEATED Purple Red Ruby. Incredible size, cutting, clarity, etc. One of the most important gems in our 37 year inventory!  The photo has been received and has been posted with more information, as well as the cert.  Color rendition is not the best and even if we were to view the correct color on our office laptop, it is guaranteed that the image color will vary from device to device.  The GIA cert indicates that it is a purplish red, and it does have a glow to it also.


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