Friday, September 28, 2018

All That Glitters Website and Info Changes for October 2018!

Here are the changes on the All That Glitters Website for October 2018:

This Month's Special:  

This Month's Gem News:   Update on Tanzanian Rough
The rough ban continues - continues longer than most people expected.  Faceted Gems Dry Up Also!
Read More…

Newly Faceted or Photographed Gemstones:
An incredible 40+ct Ametrine, flat faceted in a specially designed unique cut which shows off many colors by a cutter known for cutting quartz!
Second Chance at a wonderfully etched meteorite on one side and the naturally occurring original surface on the other – read more on the auction site…
Two Certed 3+ Spinels recently arrived, one being a purply rose and the other more of a purple – both priced to move…
We have 3 faceted Umbalite Garnets, one square, one square cushion and one round, with the same properties:  depending on the lights, the color can be burgundy wine, ruby red or magenta.  The round we have yet to obtain a good photo of – it is available, weighs over 6cts and is priced the same as the other two per carat.
Gemstones in Cutting:
We have two large 100ct Oregon Sunstones that will be carved and/or cut by the multi-award winning cutter, Dalan Hargrave. 
These should be available with the next few months.
We anticipate having two more Ametrines in faceting, by two different cutters with two very different styles – both artists have been making a name for themselves!

All That Glitters In The News:
Trapiche-like Amethyst from Brazil - GIA just released the Summer 2018 Edition of Gems & Gemology Magazine with an article on new gem-related material that they expressed an interest in examining more closely, after L. Allen Brown’s discussion with them at the GIA Booth within the AGTA Show, Jan/Feb 2018. The article has just been released online and in print.  All four new acquisitions appear in the article, with three being available for sale!
All That Glitters Unique and Rare Gemstones have appeared in Gems & Gemology Magazine on a regular basis, with the first article being 1996 noting the newly discovered Imperial Malaia Garnet, named by the owner of All That Glitters. 

Gerard Quintin from the South American Gem Academy contacted All That Glitters about an upcoming article as he desired some of our unique fine examples of Ametrine.  Geoffrey Dominy, whom we met and have been in contact with for about 30 years, then reached out for more photos and info for this article.  The World Gem Foundation is responsible for Gemology Today, and Geoff is the founder, as well as a relatively new publisher of books on gemstones.  We expect some of our gemstone to be in his future books as well as other articles.  The Ametrine article may be viewed on the following link: 

Something New!:
Visit our Jewelry Page to view the All That Glitters entry into the Spectrum Awards Contest sponsored by AGTA!
Title of Entry:  "Fall in New England" (Inspired by the Changing Leaves and the Masterful Color Display in Nature)
A Collaboration in Gems, Design, Precious Metal: All That Glitters/Katzenbach Designs
Description:  4.30ct Flame Shaped Red-Orange Topaz, Ouro Preto (Minas Gerais, Brasil); AGTA - N
(Topaz includes variations of Orange, Red, Peach and Melon and is Accented/Enhanced by the Autumnal Colors of the Sapphire Suite)
131 Round Red/Orange/Yellow Sapphire Suite weighing a total of 3.27cts; ATGA - H
Set in 18kt Royal Yellow Gold and comes with a multi-wire 14kt gold choker as well as an 18” Black Leather Cord (as an alternative method of wear)
We will be attempting to re-photograph this spectacular piece once in arrives back from AGTA over the next few weeks.

All That Glitters LARGE Ruby Photographed:
The talented Gemstone/Mineral Photographer Jeffrey A. Scovil, while set up at the Big E in Springfield, MA (08/10/18), photographed our incredible 5.67ct, GIA Certified UNHEATED Purple Red Ruby. Incredible size, cutting, clarity, etc. One of the most important gems in our 37 year inventory! Photo to be posted in the future when Jeff finishes his magic within a week or so...


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